Having your teeth treated in a foreign country may sound like a terrifying prospect, but clinics in Turkey are increasingly becoming more popular when it comes to having work done. A whole slew of celebrities have spent the past few years posting their own results on social media for all to see, encouraging their followers to splash the cash if they've got it and feel in need of a confidence boost.

Whether you're getting a full set of veneers in Turkey, or want something else done entirely, pictures we've seen from famous faces speak for themselves.

Turkey is one of the top market contenders when it comes to getting veneers, because treatment is available at a much lower cost than in the UK and other countries. Turkey has also invested a lot of money into the dental industry, so they're able to offer specialist treatment at a budget price.

Here are just a handful of celebrities who travelled to Turkey to have dental work done:

Jack Fincham - Love Island winner 

Katie Price - Model

Bianca Gascoigne - TV personality

For the Instagram generation, looking your best is everything. Many know that teeth are the first thing people will notice when they look at you, so keeping them in top condition is a high priority. If you're considering switching up your smile and having some work done, remember to do all of your research into a company before travelling. Always make safety your first concern, and check out reviews for the clinic you're handing your hard-earned money on over to.

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