It’d be an understatement to say that Adam Levine made an ironic comment this week, when he said he feared that bands in the music industry were becoming extinct.

Er… Has Adam Levine MET Adam Levine?

The Maroon 5 lead vocalist complained that there were “no bands anymore”, and it wasn’t long before the comments lit a fire under the asses of those on social media…

It’s always fun to see celebrities roasting one another, but this one just hits different!

Levine has enjoyed mainstream success for over a decade, not only with his music, but in various other forms of media. He sat on one of the coaching chairs on America’s version of The Voice for a whopping 16 straight seasons, so perhaps he should turn his gaze inwards when he talks about the state of the music industry…

Meanwhile, the incomparable Kate Bush was celebrated as BBC Four aired The Kate Bush Story.

Fans of the iconic singer took to Twitter to share their favourite memories of the industry legend, as well as some stunning pictures and snippets of performances.

There was even a reminder of the time Great British Bake Off host Noel Fielding dressed up as the star, taking on Wuthering Heights and dancing across the stage, all in the name of entertainment…

Elsewhere, the smears on Meghan Markle’s character continued from many different directions, with Piers Morgan’s obsession with the Duchess of Sussex prompting concern from those who support her.

So much so, that this hilarious mock-up of stalker-thriller YOU was made…

Markle’s former Suits co-star Patrick J Adams also took to his Twitter to defend her, saying he was “sickened” by the attacks he has witnessed come her way:

With her Oprah interview - which also includes husband Prince Harry - broadcasting across the world this weekend, we’re sure the campaign to tarnish their reputation will continue.

We send Harry and Meghan all of our love and support.

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