The above (or below) is for those who drinking is an occasional indulgence but if the person you know is possibly too obsessed or shows signs of addiction, we recommend you look into ARC Rehab Clinic.

Today, we've been taking a look at some of the best alcoholic offerings from across the world because, for those of us who enjoy our tipple, there's no better excuse to let our hair down and have a good time!

For the gin lover: Whitley Neill gin crackers

Definitely our sort of Christmas cracker!
Definitely our sort of Christmas cracker!

Affordable and absolutely delicious, the gin lover who enjoys testing out different flavours will thank you over and over again if you pick them up this Christmas cracker selection! Each cracker contains a 5cl bottle of either Parma Violet gin, Raspberry gin, Pink Grapefruit gin, Rhubarb and Ginger gin, Blood Orange gin and Original Handcrafted Dry gin, all from Whitley Neill. Get your hands on the crackers yourself, below!

For the gin lover who enjoys strong flavour: Beefeater Blood Orange

Beefeater gin is infused with the citrus flavours of a blood orange here, blended with classic notes of juniper and offering a truly refreshing taste this Christmas. Mix with lemonade or tonic, and you'll be enjoying this one until the early hours!

For the beer lover: Camden Town Brewery's annual Christmas beer - Beer 2019

Camden Town Brewery are back this year with another limited-edition offering, with their gold and bubbly brew presented in a gold screen-printed 500ml bottle. Aged for eight months in the classic champagne combo of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay barrels, Beer 2019 has a dry flavour profile with both biscuit malt and fruit grape aromas from Hallertau Blanc and Enigma hops.

For the rum lover: Kraken's limited-edition ceramic bottle - The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Not only a stunning flavour, but a gorgeous bottle to boot!
Not only a stunning flavour, but a gorgeous bottle to boot!

Enjoyable either on its own, or as part of a delicious and dark festive cocktail, this rich and bold Kraken Rum infuses 13 flavours and spices, including cherry, vanilla and cinnamon. Smooth and sweet, it's complimented with a spicy kick and rich, peppery finish. The new limited-edition Reef Wreckage bottle has been launched just in time for Christmas, and Kraken Rum are donating a pound from every bottle sold to Surfers Against Sewage.

For the rum and strawberry lover: Malibu Strawberry Spritz

This sparkling rum-based spritz has hints of coconut and strawberry, and is the perfect treat for Christmas and New Year celebrations! If prosecco isn't your thing, then pick this up and enjoy - straight from the bottle if that's your thing!

For the tequila lover: Cazcabel

A range of different tequilas from Cazcabel
A range of different tequilas from Cazcabel

An incredible collection of top-notch tequila comes together here, including the world's first honey tequila! Crafted from locally-sourced, blue wever agarve in the highlands of the Jalisco Mountains, Mexico, Cazcabel are offering a selection of stunning flavours. Get your hands on the honey and coffee Cazcabel tequila from Amazon!

For the vodka lover: Absolut Juice, Rhubarb edition

Absolut Juice deliver a gorgeous taste with their Rhubarb edition
Absolut Juice deliver a gorgeous taste with their Rhubarb edition

The latest addition to the Absolut Juice range is the stunning Rhubarb edition, which goes very well with lemonade from personal experience! If you're missing the summer this festive season, then this is the drink for you!

For the craft drinker: Pistonhead lager

Pistonhead's three craft flavours are a real Christmas treat
Pistonhead's three craft flavours are a real Christmas treat

Three Pistonhead favourites are available, including Kustom Lager, Full Amber and Flat Tire. Each have a distinctive flavour beloved by many craft connoisseurs, so if you fancy trying something unique this Christmas, this one's for you! Grab a pack of 12 below:

For the light drinker: Atopia ultra-low alcohol spiced citrus gin

If you want the drinks without the buzz, Atopia have got you covered
If you want the drinks without the buzz, Atopia have got you covered

It's the booziest time of the year, but if you're somebody who prefers to get their buzz from the atmosphere and likes to keep control during the festive season, then this ultra-low alcohol may be perfect for you! With 75 times less alcohol than a regular gin and tonic, Atopia Spiced Citrus is both tasty and healthier for you!

For the ultimate tea fan: NOVELTEA's Tea Lover's pack

If you're a big fan of tea, but fancy enjoying a mug with a bit of a kick, then NOVELTEA have got you covered! They've got a trio of flavours: The Tale of Earl Grey (infused with gin); The Tale of Moroccan Mint (infused with white rum); and The Tale of Oolong (infused with Scotch Whisky); all of which are included in the incredible gift pack pictured above. Also included are a bespoke glass teapot and warmer, as well as a branded NOVELTEA tote bag!

You can pick up the Tea Lover's gift pack at

If you fancy trying out the trio of flavours before grabbing the Tea Lover's pack, grab them on Amazon below:

For the whisky lover: The English Whisky Co.'s miniature three-pack

If you've got a relative who's extremely hard to buy for, but you know loves whisky, then look no further! The vegan-friendly English Whisky Co. has a number of different options available for gifting this year, from the miniature three-pack seen above, to a gift set containing a small bottle of the good stuff along with a hip flask!

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