It’s probably no surprise that a recent study has revealed over a quarter of us stop exercising through the winter months. Although they do say ‘summer bodies are made in winter’, it seems many of us prefer to enjoy the indulgence through winter and start back up with the fitness regime once the festivities have passed.

A lot of us feel sluggish when the weather is cold and wet

A lot of us feel sluggish when the weather is cold and wet

The study, conducted by the team behind, aimed to find out more about Britons’ attitude to exercise.

Although the majority of us continue our workout routine during the winter months, the quarter of us that decide to take some time out have good reasons for doing so.

For those who said they don’t exercise in winter, the top reasons were:

  1. It’s too cold to go out and exercise
  2. It’s too dark to go before or after work
  3. Having a very busy schedule and struggling to find the time
  4. Starting to eat badly and having a break
  5. The gym is too busy

What’s more, 62% of respondents stated that they noticed a slight weight gain over the festive period, with the average weight gain being 4lbs.

Those who said they did work out in the winter were found to have more energy than those who choose not to.

Jeremy Laming, Co-Founder of Selkie Swim Co, said:

“Whilst Christmas is the perfect time to let loose and relax on our usual fitness and diet plans that we follow throughout year, it’s important that we try not to overindulge too much, especially if you’re not planning to keep fit and get in your exercise. One or two extra mince pies may not do any harm, but if you eat that over the whole of December, that can be anything up to an extra 60 mince pies during one month which is the equivalent to a whopping 20,000 calories! Even if it is a small walk or a leisurely swim a few times a week at minimum, that’s better than piling on the pounds over Christmas and struggling to shift it come the new year”.

We hold no grudges against those who choose to take some time to relax during the festivities. That's what the holidays are for!

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