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Photo Credit: Pixabay

More than half of UK adults (65%) have not written a will according to a new survey carried out by online will experts, Beyond. Whilst the problem was already public knowledge, this survey has not only highlighted the issue, but also made it clear that the problem is actually worse than we first thought!

There are many reasons as to why people don’t get around to writing their will, whether that be forgetting about it and putting it on the back burner, feeling anxious when thinking about death, or simply, just not wanting to write one. As it stands, money seems to be the number one factor behind these shocking figures, with 26% of people admitting that the expense of creating a will has stopped them from getting one.

So why is a will so important?

Not having a will in place can be quite risky, especially if you have dependent children or valuable assets. According to experts, passing without having a will in place could leave your loved ones with a lot of financial uncertainty, emotional turmoil, and even cause some disputes. However, all of this could be avoided by taking the time to write a will before it’s too late.

On the other hand, if you die without a will your belongings, estate and any other valuable assets will most likely be acquired by the government and sentimental objects will be taken and deposed of unless they hold any monetary value. These could then be sold on at auction - depriving family/friends of special items you would have prefered them to hold on to.

Beyond has visualised the survey findings in the below infographic, where you can find out how the UK really feel about wills, and what they think should happen to their assets and belongings once they are gone.

The UK's attitudes to wills

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