If you are worried about the potential risk of catching Coronavirus while you are out and about, there are a few changes you can make to reduce your contact with others. Here are our top suggestions:

Coronavirus on Female First

Coronavirus on Female First

Online food shopping: Instead of battling others for packs of toilet rolls, who might have symptoms of the virus, you could opt for your shop to come to you. If you order during the unpopular time slots, you can get your shopping delivered to your doorstep at relatively little cost.  

Online shopping: If the idea of walking around a shopping mall fills you with dread at present, there is always online shopping right at your fingertips- sans any contact with people. Just make sure that what you order is what you really want so you don’t have to return it to your local post office or it really defeats the object altogether. 

Exercise at home: If you usually go to the gym or an exercise class, now is the time to dust off the old exercise DVDS or to find an at home tutorial on YouTube in order to keep your body moving. Or if you really miss a piece of equipment, you could always- budget permitting- have one delivered to your home. 

Change up your viewing habits: If you are someone who enjoys going to the cinema but are worried about being in close quarters with all those other people- you could sign up for a streaming service instead. This will keep you entertained from the comfort of your own home and the movies you want to see at the cinema will be available to you eventually- you just need a little patience. 

Switch to take-aways instead of restaurants: If you enjoy nothing more than a meal out with your partner, friends or family- why not switch to getting a take-away delivered to your home instead? That way you still get to enjoy the company of those you love and some good conversation without the fear of being around other people sitting at the tables around you. Plus you can still support your favourite local restaurant this way. 

Download reading apps and books: If you are a regular at the library, your nearest bookstore or like to pick up your favourite magazine at the local shop- there are plenty of options to still get your reading fix. For the techy people, Readly is an app that provides access to thousands of magazines all for one monthly cost and you can access thousands of books through a Kindle device. For those who prefer a paper copy you can order books you’d like to read (second hand to save on cost) from places like Amazon and eBay and magazines to your door. 

E-Gifting: Gifting experiences like theatre and concert tickets will probably be the last thing you want to arrange for those you buy for right now. If you do have a birthday, anniversary, baby shower or wedding coming up and you don’t want to attend a party, meal or gathering for that person, you could always send them an e-card and an e-voucher for their favourite shop or even arrange for their gift to be sent to their address rather than yours by making a few changes during the checkout process.  

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