Surprisingly, a third of single Brits believe it’s easier to find the one when dating digitally rather than in person. 

Alix Fox for Virgin Media

Alix Fox for Virgin Media

Model Daisy Lowe and boyfriend Jordan Saul are huge advocates for connecting online as they revealed to relationship educator Alix Fox in a new series by Virgin Media. They claim that it helped them to stay close during the first few weeks of their relationship. 

In their first ever interview as a couple, Daisy told Alix that it not only helped her relationship but her friendships and family ties too. 

With that said, she decided that to keep her relationships thriving, it would need more than just a video call. So she kept it interesting with things such as virtual life drawing classes. All relationships need need something fresh to keep them alive, not just romantic ones. 

Her interview with Alix Fox was part of Virgin Media’s Guide to Digital Dating where Daisy shared that being able to stay connected helped her and Jordan through a lot of the typical new relationship hurdles. 

Jordan was able to meet Daisy’s friends and even her father Gavin Rossdale during a video chat. 

It would seem that Daisy and Jordan aren’t the only people in the throes of early love who have found video calls to be invaluable during lockdown. 

32% of daters state they find it much easier to identify compatible traits with people online rather than offline. 

Singles claimed that they were able to discover whether a person’s sense of humour was in line with their own, get a sense of whether they felt a real connection and figure out if they were attracted to prospective partners more when they were dating digitally. 

It seems that virtual dating is better for finding the one because it helps people to quickly identify the time wasters and also learn through a process of elimination who has potential and who doesn’t. No more dead end relationships. 

Along the same vein, daters feel that there is less drama associated with online dating- any feelings of discomfort and the call can be ended with the press of a button. 

Daisy Lowe said: “I am a huge advocate for video calling - sometimes to my friends’ and family’s annoyance- but I really believe that seeing someone’s face over the screen is just as good as in the flesh. Reading their facial expressions and hearing their voice brings an extra dimension in a way that a text or phone call cannot – the connections really are so much more intimate.” 

Cilesta Van Doorn from Virgin Media commented: “Whilst we can’t be together in real life, be that because of long distance or lockdown, seeing each other regularly over video call helps us feel so much more connected to our loved ones. By sharing this guide on dating and relationships in the digital world, we hope to inspire and illustrate how Brits can use the internet to foster and maintain meaningful relationships of all shapes and sizes.”

In the final episode of the three-part Virgin Media series, broadcaster and relationship educator, Alix Fox, talks to model, Daisy Lowe, and her beau Jordan, about launching love and making lasting connections online