Becoming a croupier in a casino is an attractive job proposition. Casinos have long been offering such work, but the gambling industry has undergone great changes in recent years. Now If you are a woman wanting to become a live dealer, you can do this online as well as your local casino so even more job opportunities.

Casinos on Female First

Casinos on Female First

This change has happened because online casinos want as many customers as possible. They know people like going to their local casino so try to recreate that environment online. That’s good news for everyone, especially those who want to work as live dealers. How attractive a career option for women is this profession?

As previously mentioned, the casino industry, especially online, is a hugely successful one. Becoming part of a thriving industry is never a bad idea is it? It’s exciting to work in a profession that is going places and will give you a long-term career. Far better than worrying that tomorrow is going to be the day you get made redundant.

This isn’t a job where you need to have lots of qualifications. The most important factor here is the training that you will receive. A lot of casinos will offer in-house training for those applying to be live dealers. Alternatively, you could go to a specialist dealing school to learn all about the profession. If you are in to playing casino games and already know the rules and games, then even better!

Learning the rules of the games and how to be a dealer will be so important for any women looking to be live dealers. Luckily, there are plenty of websites like that have a list of online live casinos, where you can go and pick up the skills of the trade. The experience and knowledge you acquire will help you forge a successful career in the future.

Everyone wants to have a highly paid job, and this can happen if you are a live dealer. Many casinos are very large companies indeed. If you can work your way up to being employed by one of those, then pay received will be very attractive indeed. You can also get casino perks like free hotel stays, free credit to play, pension contributions and not to mention the possibility to travel to other casinos in the group.

You will need to be someone who doesn’t mind working long hours and all times of the day. Online casinos are 24/7 so you could find yourself working in the afternoon one day and the night shift on another occasion.

Live dealers can be either male or female, but often online casinos tend to favour females, just like in a normal casino. Having an friendly, bubbly woman as a live dealer, who also has a friendly personality is a major plus. It attracts the male customers on the site but being drop dead gorgeous isn’t a necessity, just a way to interact with customers and help them play. Take a look on and you get a good idea of the type of workers casinos will recruit and the environment you could work in.

It can be a stressful job though so bear that in mind if this is your intended profession. Being polite to customers (another reason to do that is coming up) is necessary but you need plenty of concentration. Games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack have some complicated rules. The last thing you need to do is lose concentration and make the wrong and possibly costly decision.

It’s possible to receive tips when you are working as a live dealer in a casino. That’s another good reason to be as cheerful as possible to your customers. There have been stories of wealthy players, especially celebrities making very large tips.

You can see therefore that for a woman, becoming a live dealer in a casino, is an attractive career. It doesn’t require too much training, there are plenty of job opportunities pay can be very good and there are those possible tips too. It can be a great way to get your foot inside a casino and many dealers have worked their way up to become floor manager or even manage the whole casino.