Autumn is my favourite time of year for many reasons, but mostly because the cooler weather brings people closer together in the comfort of their own homes. If you are already a fan of the fall, this will just reinforce what you already know. However, if you need a bit of convincing, here are my reasons for falling in love with this time of year. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The colours: While the leaves falling from the trees is a sign that they are ready to float off with the breeze, they certainly go out with a bang by offering us the most beautiful shades of reds, browns, yellows and oranges before their final farewell. There is nothing more picture perfect than an autumnal scene, so if you have a camera, capture as much as you can of this special time in the calendar. 

The clothes: Nothing feels cosier against the skin than a fluffy jumper and this is the time of year to bring out all those thick sweaters, snuggly socks and heavy coats that are like a giant hug straight from your wardrobe. Autumn is about feeling comfortable both indoors and out and covering up rather than showing skin so wrap up before heading out and invest in any pieces you might need to fend off the crisp air. 

More time indoors: While being outside has its perks, so does staying in, especially when it’s encouraged by nature. The wind, the rain and the cool air paves the way for cuddling up under blankets with loved ones to read books and watch movies, for completing overdue DIY projects to make your space more beautiful, for cooking meals together or decluttering your space to make way for Christmas treats. There are so many activities to enjoy while the weather is not as welcoming outside so take advantage of each and every one. 

The food and drink: Autumn is a time for hearty stews, casseroles and soups, for pies, hot drinks and carby treats that make us put on a pound or two to see us through the winter. Whether they are made with someone else or alone, they always hit the spot when it’s chilly outside so fill up on these until you feel satisfied. 

The autumn walks: Autumn walks are full of treasures from acorns, cones, and leaves to conkers- you will always return with something in your pocket to decorate your home with a little piece of nature. That cold flush on your cheeks as you walk because it’s the only part of you that’s not covered up makes you feel grateful for gloves, hats, scarves, coats and fur boots that all form part of your autumn capsule wardrobe. 

The calm before the storm: Autumn marks the time between the excitement of summer holidays and the demands of Christmas. It’s a time to reflect on what has just been and rest before the festive responsibilities begin. A time for thinking about change in line with the season. Even if you don’t want to put anything in practice just yet there is room to breathe and contemplate. 

Improved sleep: The darker nights are nature’s way of helping you drift off into a peaceful slumber in the warmth of your thicker duvet, long pyjamas and soft bed socks. The hot, stickiness of summer won’t keep you awake and you won’t be woken early by the sun rising before your alarm. Plus the clocks going back means an extra hour in bed. 

Warming up the house: It’s finally time to turn on the heating so your home welcomes you back every time you set foot through the door with a blanket of heat to take the edge off from being outside.  

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