Ella is from Yorkshire, but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving a successful career in broadcasting.

Ella Griffith talks to students about breaking the industry

Ella Griffith talks to students about breaking the industry

Speaking to an audience at Leeds Trinity University’s 10th annual Journalism and Media week, Ella said she has no intention of moving her career elsewhere.

She said: “I’m proud to be working in Yorkshire.”

Ella has gone from editing her primary school newspaper at the age of ten, “for a bit of fun”, to interviewing the likes of David Cameron and George Osbourne.

Speaking about this career highlight, she said that she had to use her persistent journalistic nature to get the most out of that opportunity.

“I was only allowed one question, but I managed to get a second in because I didn’t feel he had answered my question properly.

“I could feel the press officers on my back, but you have to just be pushy and quick.”

To get to this point, Ella had to work unsociable hours to build the necessary experience in order to be taken seriously - especially because of her passion to stay up north.

“I did some work experience in radio when I was 16 and got to read a bulletin.

“Then I did a a journalism degree in Leicester, before I returned back to Yorkshire”

Whilst studying for her degree in Leicester, Ella set up a news team for the student radio, which provided her with great opportunities.

This hard extra-curricular work took her from working with the student radio, to working with a huge established brand at Global. She rang the editor of Capital radio, asked for some work experience and landed herself with two weeks to prove her skills as a journalist - which she excelled in.

She eventually landed herself with a freelancing job and was nominated for an award - which ultimately led her to bagging a full time job working with Heart and Capital radio station.

“I had a nosiness that needed to be fulfilled in some part of my life”

Though it wasn’t always an easy ride - there were a few knockbacks - Ella said that you need a certain personality trait to go far.

“You have to develop a thick skin.”

“Some days are great - you get handed the stories you’re running. But sometimes something just sparks your imagination and you have to find your own story.”

Ella now works as the regional interviews producer for Sky News, sourcing out people to speak to on air about different topics. This role is a first for the north, a great example of how journalism is not limited to London.

And she doesn’t plan on any geographical changes any time soon.

“Always Yorkshire”

“I would like to do more producing, and be involved in influencing more of the stories.”

Follow Ella on twitter: @ellagriffith

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