Faction Training is an emerging fitness organization from West Hollywood, founded and lead by star coach and professional body builder Eric Janicki. His holistic approach and iconic appearance is attracting all those, who have responsibilities and busy schedules in their careers, but still want to achieve their heath and fitness goals.

Eric Janicki

Eric Janicki

There is much that any aspiring entrepreneur or business person in the fitness industry could learn from Eric’s business module. Have a look at some in-depth analysis of the business module:

Leading With An Example

Faction Training’s primary clientele comprises business owners, entrepreneurs and other similar individuals. Specifically, these are some of the most busy people in the world. However, as the CEO of Faction Training is a budding entrepreneur himself, he is leading by an example.

Almost anyone can get a license, and a website and provide personal training today. But nobody can offer the right motivation. And we all know that motivation never lasts long. The Faction Team works on educating and assisting clients in building a sustainable lifestyle. Instead of noisy motivational videos, much more attention is paid to the person’s underlying problems like sleep depravity, stress and other mental-issues, that can be solved through balance. That’s where Eric and his team of coaches strikes, to eliminate the root cause of issues. The approach is as sustainable as it is holistic and makes the remote courses unique.

Not Afraid To Educate The Audience

And it is something almost every industry related business can learn from Faction Training. The team works on educating their clients regarding food and nutrition. They learn about important and often underestimated topics such as gut health, and several other concepts that play part. Hence, it becomes a core part of their life and they acknowledge the importance of these concepts for sustainability.

While other enterprises might monetize the lack of information,Team Faction first informs and forms a rapport and trust with the clients. It enables them to sustain long-lasting clientele.