By Cora Parkinson 



Librans are one of the only star signs who love to flirt and attend first dates with the intent to find true love.

Dates: September 23rd- October 22nd

Symbol: Scales

Element: Air

Planet: Venus (Planet of love and femininity)

Mode: Communicative

The seventh astrological sign in the zodiac 


Libras may be widely known for their charming, well balanced and gracious presence. As it’s one of the only zodiac signs which is not an animal, the strong metal structure of the scales show that Libra is well balanced and well grounded. Although they can be seen by their friends or family as confident, this is not necessarily the case. Libras can often find themselves struggling with insecurities but they prefer to appear strong to those around them.

Spirit guides

The grey wolf is said to be Libra’s spirit guide as like the grey wolf, libras are loyal with lots of compassion and love to spare. 

Librans are natural born leaders and within a pack would slowly make their way up to the top. 

Librans like to show what they are capable of doing to the rest of the world. They do so, however, by keeping quiet about their tactics and surprise their audience to gain the title that is rightfully theirs.

Librans are one of just three-star signs which are controlled by the element of air. This allows them to show great confidence when trying to communicate something they strongly agree with. 


Libras find it hard to know what they are looking for when seeking out a companion. 

It may be rocky hills and downward slopes while they are trying to find who they want but once they discover true love, they will always end up with someone who will never leave their side.

Since libras are ruled by the element air, their most compatible signs are the other air star signs: Gemini and Aquarius. 

This may seem controversial however both partners need to be vocal for this storm to work. 

Speaking your mind is the passion that keeps the flame alive between you both. It demonstrates to the world the love that you share. You face everything together and no one can drag you down.