The Japanese people love their games and perhaps the most popular of games is the pachinko parlor, full of energy, and loud music the traditional home to the vertical gambling game of pachinko.

Called the cousin of pinball, there are few other establishments that can compare to the pachinko parlor which has its roots in 18th century France where the game of bagatelle was enjoyed by many.

Even though we can trace the game of pachinko back to the 18th century it as in the 1920s that the game's true history began.

Gambling in Japan

Most forms of gambling are actually banned in Japan, although the Japanese government established the Casino Administration Committee in 2020 to manage and also supervise resort operators in Japan.

Going online

It’s pretty safe to say that once all the haggling over rules and regulations, revenues and taxes are ironed out the finally we shall see the online casino for Japan really make its mark as increased number of people will taste the thrill and excitement of playing their favortie games online – legally!

What can we expect?

Not only are there all the popular games to choose from, Japanese players can also expect to be able to source those live games which are played in real time, with a real life dealer or croupier and which take place in a real bricks and mortar venue – the only difference is that players can enjoy their games whenever and wherever they choose, with tons of variations and of course some pretty cool bonuses and promotions on offer.

Japanese players can also enjoy a myriad of variations making sure that there is never a dull moment and once more games will be able to be played on the go as the modern online casino has been optimised for the mobile user.

Convenience is the name of the game

We all lead busy lives and being able to take a break now and gain without going home ticks a lot of boxes for many people – work days can be long and exhausting, so having the opportunity to enjoy a few games can really revitalise the spirit when tired.

Safe, secure and full of fun and entertainment, having the choice to be able to play at an online casino without worrying whether you are breaking the law has been a long time coming to Japan – thankfully that time is now and it promises to be exceptional.