Lee Macneall's job as the Engagement and Transformation Officer at the Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust is coming to an end. With funding potentially running out and the current inability to extend his contract in the position, the organisation has had to make the tough decision to wave goodbye to the accomplished worker, with his employment officially ending in January 2020.

Though that's still a couple of months away, Macneall hasn't wasted any time in looking for his next position. With a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and a Master of Arts in Community Leadership, there are a wealth of different career paths he could choose to go down. So, with his sights set on 10 different companies in particular, Macneall decided to get creative.

Watching the music video for Jax Jones and Ella Henderson's collaboration This Is Real, Macneall's creative juices started flowing when he saw the huge 3D cereal box designed to promote Jax Jones' album.

"It got me thinking, 'what if I was to use the same context to PR myself?' he says. "So I did that, I looked online for templates and box nets, but wasn't successful. So I created my own using editing software online."

After three days, Macneall printed and constructed his own cereal box, which he says turned out better than he thought it would. After three drafts, the final product was complete, and he posted the cereal box on social media. Within 24 hours, it had gone viral, taking the business networking world in particular by storm.

"So far, it's gained over 230,000 interactions on LinkedIn and then over 200,000 on Twitter," Macneall explains. "Which is slightly weird, because I didn't think it would have this much impact.

"I'm actually going to send them to 10 employers whom I want to work for and see if anything comes from them."

The amount of comments left on Macneall's LinkedIn post is truly staggering. A quick glance through some of the most popular interactions reveal well wishes, corny jokes, and even offers of potential employment.

In a world consistent in chucking bad news in our face, seeing the drive and willingness to succeed from someone like Macneall is truly inspiring. Companies and organisations will be lucky to see the CV cereal boxes landing on their post desks, and I have to imagine that there will now be a fight to employ the young man in a creative and forward-thinking role. 

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