When I was asked to showcase my favourite You Tuber of the Year for our awards season on Female First, there are two men that stand out firmly in my mind and they go by the name of The Minimalists.

Female First Awards 2019: You Tuber of the Year

Female First Awards 2019: You Tuber of the Year

Along with my husband and dad- Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are up there with the best guys in my life right now. Why? Well, I have been watching their You Tube channel since I had my little girl just over a year ago and they helped me through my maternity leave in more ways than one. Not only did they motivate me to declutter my home, unfollow people on social media who were no longer relevant, but I often watched their podcast videos while my daughter slept. They kept me company when I was feeling at my most lonely and for that I am very grateful to them both.

Their channel has a variety of different offerings including videos of their podcast, interviews, audiobooks and living room conversations where they answer reader dilemmas about living a meaningful life with less.

There is something for everyone depending on your preference- I found myself on a number of occasions playing their videos while doing other things. The beauty of their channel is that you don’t have to watch them- they can act as a podcast while you are feeding your baby, working or ideally...minimising your home!

I have always been generous with my things- the charity shop was my favourite place to go from being little to donate the things that didn’t have value in my life anymore. Watching their You Tube channel- which led on to reading their books, has brought meaning and definition to why I felt and still feel this way about material possessions.

If you feel overwhelmed by the things in your space, debt, the digital clutter in your life or the people in your world who take and never give, this is the perfect channel for you.

What Josh and Ryan say makes sense and in-keeping with their minimalist lifestyle- they communicate their message in a simple way so that everyone can understand.

I do hope they can make it over to the UK at some point in the future as I would love to watch them live- but for now- You Tube is my go-to place to get my Minimalists fix.

Thanks guys- you are an inspiration and have changed my life for the better. I know you will continue to do the same for many others in 2020.

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