As the majority of us experience lockdown together, we all have our own ways of coping with the situation. If you are still struggling to find your groove since being told to stay at home, here are some ways the Female First staff are getting by.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Daniel Falconer, Entertainment Editor: 

As the Entertainment Editor here at Female First, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that I’ve been coping with self-isolation through binge-watching new series, old favourites and even enjoying a handful of movies. With a whole host of streaming platforms out there – and the debut of Disney+ earlier this week – there’s no excuse not to stay indoors and keep yourself entertained!

With Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV, StarzPlay and a whole bunch of other platforms, there’s something for everybody, so do your research before jumping into a subscription if you’re only going to sign up to one or two.

If you’re living alone, take advantage of free gaming apps such as House Party and Psych, where you can join up with friends, family and loved ones to play trivia games and the like. There are additional expansions available for some of these types of apps at an extra cost, but more often than not, there are also free experiences to enjoy.

I think, more than anything however, keeping a positive mind-set is essential. Yes, the world is stuck in limbo right now. We’re all experiencing something unlike anything in our lifetimes, and it’s scary! Take your moments each day to ground yourself in that reality if necessary, do some breathing exercises, meditation; whatever it takes to help calm you down. Once you’ve achieved that positive presence within, you can take on the world – safely from the confines of your home!

Holly Mosley, Features Writer: 

In all honesty, "getting through lockdown" remains a conundrum to me at this time as I continue to let panic and misery consume me. But even I have to admit that there is still joy in some places.

I'm always home alone during the day and that's not changed with my husband still going to work, but it somehow feels more profoundly lonely than ever. There is one thing that helps me get through the working week though: that is, unsurprisingly, music. It's a non-chemical anti-depressant for me and putting together a playlist of songs on Spotify which make me feel relaxed and happy is the best thing I could've done for my day-to-day mental health. It's still a struggle, but you can't stay sad when you're singing along to Soft Cell's Tainted Love like an idiot.

If you're not working, now might be the perfect time to practise guitar, piano, singing or whatever else you've been putting off for months because you're "too busy". Don't forget to film yourself so you can inspire your friends on social media; I've personally been thrilled to see videos of my lovely father-in-law playing steel guitar pop up on Facebook over this past week, courtesy of my brother-in-law.

My husband and I like to mess about making music together so this weekend might be the perfect time to lay down some tracks. Although after seeing a talented musician couple we know collaborate for the first time, I'm nervous about rising to this challenge. Still, the fun is in the trying and I look forward to making some terrible music.

I have also joined a private group on Facebook with friends and friends of friends where we all submit increasingly hilarious lip-sync videos. I'm yet to decide on my song but Witchy Woman by the Eagles is high on my shortlist. If you're not already in a group like this, you better find one or else start one yourself. Trust me - you won't be sorry.

Lucy Walton Lange, Editor:

Reading is my go to when I enter times of uncertainty or I feel a little uneasy. I tend to read more fact than fiction, however, the sheer act of immersing myself in a book helps to give me an escape. 

I read in bed, so I find that this makes me sleep better and allows me time to unwind after a day at work. Plus it gives me some well needed ‘me time’ away from my family as we all need time alone.  

I made a pile of books that I want to read at the beginning of lockdown and have challenged myself to get through them by the time this is all over. If you have an unread book pile, now might be the time to dust it off and start reading.

We have a beautiful garden that we never spend any time in normally, but as it’s our only outdoor space, we have migrated outside more to play games with our daughter and for some well needed fresh air. If you have the luxury of an oudoor space I would encourage you to use it as much as you possibly can. 

We now eat at our dining room table every night which overlooks the garden, instead of having dinner off our laps while watching TV. This has encouraged more conversation between me and my partner, is teaching our little one better table manners and is giving us a change of scenery from the couch. This may seem like a small thing but it is important that we use as much of the space in our home as we possibly can right now. Why not bring back family meals at the table in your house and shy away from the TV dinners?

It will sound silly to some, but I have taken great pleasure in hanging my washing out. When someone tells you not to leave your home, any excuse to go outside is a  welcome one and I’ve relished the sun on my back, the fresh air in my lungs and listening to the sounds of lockdown while I do it. Give it a try and see how you feel! 

My husband and I watch a movie every night now, since we are lucky enough to have Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime, so there is lots to choose from when it comes to streaming shows and films. This is 'our time' after our daughter has gone to bed. If you love your movies, you could make one night of the week into movie night- bring out some popcorn and fizzy drinks and turn out the lights for the authentic experience. 

On a final note, I have Facetimed or called my parents every day because I miss them terribly and this is a way for us to stay close while we are so far apart. It is so important to stay in touch with loved ones right now so I would urge you to call, text or email someone you care about every day.