To celebrate the release of Military Wives: The Official Film Podcast, launched exclusively in support of Military Wives which hits UK cinemas on March 6th 2020, we took a look into podcasts you can’t miss in 2020. Each with fierce female hosts, our top picks will definitely make those early morning commutes worth waking up for!

1.Taking top spot, Military Wives: The Official Film Podcast hosted by Gaby Roslin is an exclusive podcast to support the release of ‘Military Wives’ in cinemas on March 6th, featuring special guests each episode including the cast of the film as well as moving conversations with women from the real Military Wives Choir. If you love cinema, you are going to love this film and this podcast series.

Catch the latest episode of the podcast here

2. They didn't find love on the island, but they did find each other. Now Amber Gill, Anna Vakili and Yewande Biala are teaming up to offer their outlook on life's problems.

3. Hosted by pals Luisa Zissman & Anna Williamson, Lu-Anna joins the girls for their no holes barred rants, chats & bants on the topical stories of the week. Laugh along with their latest antics and join in with sharing your stories and opinions - there is no such thing as TMI on this podcast!

4. Often we only get to see one version of someone – and usually only the best. In this fast, funny, frank new podcast series, Dawn O’Porter dives in with a variety of guests to explore all the sides to their stories. Each week, interviewees such as Matt Haig, Sara Pascoe and Scarlett Curtis open up on So Lucky about their highs and lows, their hopes and fears, and their lucky and unlucky moments.

5. Stacey Solomon has just had a baby...several years after her last baby! What's changed, how are things different, what's acceptable, what new stuff is there to make the process less daunting? Here We Go Again hears Stacey spark debate around all subjects surrounding childbirth and what it means to be a new mum in 2019.