Picture Credits: PA Images
Picture Credits: PA Images

Now, we don’t claim to be psychic here at Female First, but when it comes to sports and betting, there are a handful of female athletes and stars that should always be within your vision!

Here, we’ve whittled down our list to the finest five women from the world of sport and, if you’re so inclined, you can place bets on these sports women on most top UK sports betting sites, which you can find on bestbettingsites.com.

Serena Williams

Right at the top of our list is the incomparable Serena Williams. She’s forever passionate about raising the bar in her chosen sport of tennis and, a tournament wouldn’t be the same without her. Though she’s already got plenty of wins to her name, we imagine there are lots more ahead for her in the near-future. Don’t be writing her off just yet!

Simone Biles

If artistic gymnastics are your thing, then you can look forward to checking out Simone Biles’ skills at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo! She is undoubtedly going to go down in history as one of the most mesmerising performers the sport has ever seen. With a combined 30 Olympic and World Championship medals, we can't see her slowing down her collection of awards any time soon!

Stephanie Gilmore

With surfing set to debut at this year's delayed Olympic Games, we’ve been keeping our eyes focused on Australia’s Stephanie Gilmore. Despite a rocky start to the WSL, we know she’s just warming up and can’t see anybody else taking home the gold once she reaches the final stages of the Games in 2021. Surf’s up!

Dalilah Muhammad

Female track athletes are often under-appreciated. Dalilah Muhammad however, is making sure you’re not given the opportunity to ignore her skills, having won the gold back at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 400 metre hurdles. She also picked up first place in both the 400 metre hurdles and 4x400 metre relay at Qatar's 2019 World Championships. We’re sure that’s just going to be the start of her career picking up major wins!

Simone Manuel

Becoming a voice for black excellence in the sport of swimming, Simone Manuel took home a groundbreaking gold medal from the 2016 Olympic Games. She’ll be looking to defend those first place positions at Tokyo later this year and, we’re sure she’s going to be able to hold off the competitors that have toppling her in their sights.