Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Whilst in lockdown, we’ve all been getting more creative in entertaining not only ourselves, but the loved ones we live with. Whether that’s resulted in hilarious Zoom parties with families and friends, arts and crafts or something entirely different, it’s been a very interesting few months to say the very least!

Now that many of us are getting back to work, and we’re sending the kids back to school, it’s important to remember that having a creative outlet is extremely helpful for your mental health. With that in mind, here are five ideas of stuff you could create to decorate your home, using minimal materials and waste!

A rustic coffee table

Always looking for somewhere to pop your drink while you’re bingeing the latest hit series? Why not use some unwanted items from around the home to create your very own unique coffee table! Just make sure that if you’re using metal so that your legs are as sturdy as possible, that you get the very best metal glue!

2. A jewellery box

Have you ever received a bit of post in gorgeous packaging, that you’ve felt a bit criminal chucking it in the bin after opening it up? Why not use a small box you’ve been sent as a jewellery box? You could jazz it up with your own decorations, adding sequins and the like to really give it some character! LEGO DOTS are also a great way to design your own home decor!

3. A cloud acrylic pour painting

One of the latest home DIY crazes is putting together an acrylic pour design, and if you’ve got a canvas big enough, creating a painting could be an eye-catching addition to your home. There are many different ways to create a cloud pour, but we’ve found that experimenting for yourself is the best way to really create a stellar piece of work!

4. Paper flowers

Get some colourful craft paper and follow some simple online tutorials to create your own stunning flower arrangement! Much more affordable than store-bought real bouquets, they can add personality to any room.

5. Paint-dipped chairs

You can bring some flavour to any old wooden chair, simply by dipping each of the legs (and even the top) into whatever colour paint you like! It’s an easy way to level-up your home decor; give it a go! You’ll be thanking us later.

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