Nowadays there are fewer people smoking traditional cigarettes, there are just too many health risks involved. Instead, many people are now choosing to vape as an alternative.

Image courtesy of Pixabay,

Image courtesy of Pixabay,

If you want to start vaping, perhaps as a way to quit smoking entirely, or simply because you like the smell and taste of the various vapes, then this article is for you.

In the following article we will look at some questions you should be asking to ensure you pick the best vapes available.

#1: Are You Worried About Size?

When e-cigs were first released to the public you will likely remember that most of them resembled traditional cigarettes. This was to entice smokers to use a similar looking product.

As time has gone on, and vaping has become more popular there have been much larger devices developed.

These bigger devices have larger batteries so last longer, and are able to produce more vapour too. If you want something discreet then opt for an e-cigarette, however, if you want a product that lasts longer then a bigger vape device would be a better option for you.

#2: What Type Of Vaper Are You?

Without having vaped before you may struggle to answer this question.

I would suggest trying a little vaping before you choose a kit.

There are two different types of vapers: direct lung and mouth to lung. Those who direct lung (DL) will inhale the vapour directly from the device into their lungs, while those who mouth to lung (MTL) will fill their mouth with vapour before passing it into the lungs.

There is no right or wrong way to vape, this is all a matter of preference. However, how you vape will have an impact on the type of vape kit you should choose.

If you are a MTL vaper then you will have to choose a device above 1 ohm, those who DL vape should choose a device with less.

DL vapers should avoid a device with a nicotine level above 6 mg as it can burn your throat and produce poor flavour. Choose a device with low sub ohm for low nicotine or for no nicotine at all.

#3: How Much Vapour Do You Need?

If your vape kit does not produce enough vapour then you may become frustrated with your overall experience.

I would suggest opting for a device that produces high amounts of vapour, and to throttle it down, or to take smaller hits.

#4: What Capacity Do You Need?

If you vape then your device needs power, without electricity they wont work, simple as that.

For most people who are out and about all day, you will likely need two fully charged batteries on hand.

If you are able to charge your device, even via an USB port then you could get away with just having the single battery.

#5: Is The Kit Complete Or Can You Pick And Choose?

A complete vaping kit is generally a more convenient option, and is the better option for beginners and those new to vaping.

If you are a more advanced used then a more a la carte option would be better.

There are hundreds of different options available for customisation and the choices you make will likely evolve along with your tastes.

I would avoid buying a la carte if you are a complete novice as you wont even know what you like yet. As you become more experienced with vaping then you will learn what you like or don’t like.

As time goes by this experimenting will result in a custom device you can be proud of that will give you the results you want.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these tips will give you a few ideas on how to choose the best vape.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to personal taste. If you are beginner you may not even know what you like yet. This is why it is best for you to experiment with various vaping brands and e-liquids.

It is only through this experimentation will you learn what you like and what works for you.