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Whether you're taking to the bingo halls in-person or online, the game still remains a firm British favourite. There's not only the intense suspense and thrill of working your way towards a full house when playing, but the brilliant bingo calls that have been cemented as a part of the game's history throughout the years.

To celebrate one of the nation's favourite ways to win some substantial cash prizes, we're putting together a list of the funniest bingo calls, and some we bet you've never heard of before! Eyes down...

The funniest bingo calls of all time

7. Dirty Gertie, number 30!

You may not know the origins of Dirty Girtie, so we're here to make sure it's cemented in your mind! The phrase comes from 1946 racing film Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A., which saw Francine Everett step into the titular role. As a nightclub entertainer in New York City, she travels to the Caribbean island of "Rinidad" to perform as the headline act. Her nickname Dirty Gertie is based upon the casual way in which she entices men with her charm, before humiliating them!

6. Down on your knees, 43!

Honestly, you probably have to have a pretty filthy mind to find this one funny! Still, we're not entirely sure what else you'd be able to take from this bingo call, which has raised eyebrows in bingo halls up and down the country for decades...

5. Droopy Drawers, 44!

Let's face it, we've all had some "Droopy Drawers" at one time or another! This definitely earns a few sniggers each time it leaves the bingo caller's mouth.

4. Heinz Varieties, 57!

It's the famous number on each tin of Heinz, as the company has a whopping 57 varieties! The imagination that must have gone into making this one work is beyond all thought; more power to whoever ensured this one stuck with the number through time! 

3. Grandma's Getting Frisky, number 60!

Not something any of us want to think about, but if number 60 comes up when you're playing, then you're likely to be left with a bit of sick in your mouth!

2. Stop Farting! Number 83

Apparently, the number 83 looks like a bottom (the number eight) and a fart (the number three)! We can't really see it, but it's one that's worked its way into our hearts despite that!

1. Torquay in Devon, 87!

This one is completely random, and that's why we love it! It's used simply because it rhymes; there's no other backing for the call. Torquay is now a seaside town that will forever be remembered by those who play bingo, and for those of us who have visited, that's a great thing! It's a beautiful and thriving place.

Bingo calls we bet you've never heard!

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

5. Queen Bey, 73!

Though it's the same as the classic call "Queen B, 73!", this one pays homage to one of the world's finest musicians and performers, Beyoncé! Coined by fans, it's not likely to be one you'll hear in many bingo halls, but if you get a pop music-savvy caller, you could be in luck! 

4. Little Mix, number 6!

Another shoutout to one of the finest pop artists around right now. British group Little Mix were the first ever group to win The X Factor, and continue to release chart-topping music ever since their crowning all the way back in 2011! That's more than most acts to have come from the ITV singing competition can say...

3. Tinder date, number 8!

Some have tried to bring bingo into the modern day, and this revamped call for number eight was a part of that! Those of us who have been crazy enough to try online dating will have no doubt been on a Tinder date, and there can often be some hilarious consequences! We think this one will start to become more common as the years go by.

2. Moobs, number 88!

Let's face it, "two fat ladies" for 88 is completely outdated. So, why not replace that with "moobs"?!

1. I don't know about you, number 22!

You can thank Taylor Swift for this one! Her hit song 22 featured the line: "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!" Music having an impact on updated bingo calls

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