In order to restrict activities related to online gambling and retain control over the duration of such activities, GamStop emerges as the one-stop destination for problematic punters. Signing up for this program is completely free of cost for people living in the UK. As a step towards public welfare in order to eradicate the gambling epidemic that the country is enduring, it is one of the thoughtful gestures utterly necessary for the purpose.

Always gamble responsibly

Always gamble responsibly

GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme operating independently encouraging people with gambling addiction to limit their time at the UK-licensed websites meant for gambling activities, but there are plenty of non GamStop casinos available and listed on People can voluntarily select their time of exclusion that can extend from six months for up to five years which is even further extendable if the punter wants to.

This disables the entry of the registered punter into any gambling sites that are registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and there is no way one can gain access to these sites during the continuation of the exclusion period. Moreover, for the operators, it is indispensable to abide by the laws and comply with the rules of GamStop in order to carry out the business lawfully.

GamStop statistics

Studying the engagement in gambling experiences by both the sexes, it can be concluded according to the statistical analysis done all over the UK that more than 55000 women have undergone self-exclusion through GamStop in order to gain control over their Gambling issues. A growing issue with gambling among women implies the fact that the enthusiasm for gambling is equal in both sexes. Moreover, self-exclusion is absolutely necessary for men as well as for women to get hold of their impulse control when it comes to gambling.

A spike in the number of accounts for women under GamStop took place in March 2020. It is mostly being blamed on the pandemic situation that gave rise to the number by 5%. By end of March 2020, there were 26% of females who were registered under GamStop which has now turned into 31%. The significant spike in the number that crosses the 50,000 milestones in registration does not only threaten the male population but the females too.

Fiona Palmer, the chief executive of GamStop stated that the importance of feedback to the variety of agencies that support and work in accordance with encouraging woman who has trusted GamStop in order to provide them support in getting ahead leaving past their problems is being realised as the demographic makeup of the registered candidates which are studied with care.

Moreover, the authorities are pleased with the decision that the women are making in order to get over their addictive tendencies. The fact that the practicality and usefulness of GamStop as a tool is being acknowledged with time is itself brings a sense of satisfaction to the curators and regulatory personnel. A jump from 57% of problem gamblers in the year 2015 to 2016 can be seen in current years to 69%.

Women problem gambling figures

The statistical studies released by the National Gambling Treatment Service show a spike of percentage in women gamblers among people receiving help from 19% in the year 2015 to 2016 by 2% near to 25 in March 2020.

Another study by Gamcare National Gambling Support charity, reported the number of gambling problems is increasing at a double rate for women compared to that of men yet it has been proved that only 1% of the woman experiencing issues related to addiction seek help contacting the National Gambling Helpline.

According to the Chief Executive of GamСare, Anna Hemmings, “We must get to grips with the unnecessary shame and stigma women feel around asking for help with gambling. Gambling is not just a male activity and it can affect women insignificantly, potentially life-changing ways.”

The program concluded many facts including the necessity to remove obstructions in order to help women have access to the helpline and evoke a sense of normality in seeking help while facing issues related to gambling and opt for various support services provided.


Gambling is capable of bringing enough harm to the mass from which one cannot exclude women. Men, as well as women, are equally likely to fall prey to gambling-related harms. Hence, it is important for both the sexes to seek help as soon as they realize any addictive tendencies in order to completely eradicate the state of disorder.