Mystery boxes have been in fashion for many years now. Some companies have tried and failed to give a good experience to their consumers, with just a handful managing to stay afloat and put out selections of exciting goodies each and every month. When we got the opportunity to receive a sample box of Geek Gear Classic in November 2019, we jumped at the opportunity.

The Geek Gear Classic box contains one exclusive t-shirt and one exclusive print per month, as well as at least four other mystery items, with a price point of £24.99 per month (unless you purchase a bundle with a discount straight from the jump).

Our November sample box had five exclusive items, which included: a Lion King t-shirt; a licensed Zelda rupee print; a pack of two Three Wise Drones Star Wars greeting cards; a Zelda mask; and an exclusive pixel sword, that looks as though it's been ripped straight from the world of Minecraft. Those five items alone are listed as having a combined RRP value of £49.95, and they're not the only things included! There are also a licensed Death Wave 1 Warhammer Champions deck and licensed Wave 1 Warhammer Champions booster pack thrown in, with respective RRPs of £14.99 and £3.49.

So, when it comes to value for money, you're certainly getting more than your money's worth! But, are any of these items something a pop culture fan would want? Are the exclusives going to put a smile on your face? As is often the case, the answer isn't an easy one; instead, there's a lot of variation in our response!

The Three Wise Drones greeting cards for example were great for me personally, as I know a couple of Star Wars superfans who were super thankful to receive such a unique card over the festive season. The exclusive Zelda mask however, didn't really do anything for me. Open at the back, it looks as though it should be placed face-down, and used as a pot!

As for the other exclusives? The Lion King tee was definitely my favourite. Bringing that slice of nostalgia into the box was a smart move by the curators, and it's something that continues with the exclusive Zelda rupee print. The pixel sword I could give or take - it's probably something a younger audience would appreciate more.

Overall, I think Geek Gear Classic is an interesting addition to the mystery box market. It's not the best I've ever received, but it's certainly got some items that you wouldn't find anywhere else. The November box is the perfect example of the type of thing you should expect if you subscribe in the future, so if you like what you see, go right ahead and jump in!

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