New research reveals a shocking divide between the millennials and Gen-Zs who do and don’t receive a stocking at Christmas. Despite two thirds of young adults wanting to bring back the Christmas tradition, only 50% still receive a stocking today.

Moreover, age, gender and relationship status all play a significant role in determining the likelihood of receiving a stocking:

  • Almost two thirds (64%) of 18-24 year olds still receive a stocking, dropping to just under half (48%) once they hit 25
  • Of the young adult population, men aged between 18 and 24 are the most likely to receive a stocking and females aged 31 to 35 the least
  • Data shows you are 12% more likely to receive a stocking if you’re in a relationship
  • Males are 6% more likely to receive a stocking, even though significantly more females would like to receive a stocking than men (54% vs 37%)
  • ‘Being too old’ is cited as the primary reason to stop giving stockings, despite half of all respondents saying they would prefer to receive presents in a stocking
  • Most (59%) spend between £6-20 on stocking presents for adults, with confectionary, toiletries and cosmetics topping the list of popular items to give

With these new insights, Wish is backing a campaign to #SavetheStocking and bring back the Christmas cheer for all. Evidence shows that the lack of consensus around whether stockings should be continued into adult life is leading to a strong sense of ‘disappointment’ and ‘sadness’ amongst Britain’s youth.

Daniela Engel, UK General Manager at Wish, said:

Christmas is not just for kids, it’s for everyone - there’s no reason why the magic of our childhood Christmas cannot be carried into our adult lives, particularly for young adults who continue to grapple with squeezed disposable incomes. Whether it’s a mini golf set for a sports fanatic or a rolling pin for a lover of baking it doesn’t need to cost the earth – it’s the element of surprise and discovery that really makes Christmas feel special.”

Young adults across the UK are encouraged to share sad-face selfies or their favourite childhood Christmas snaps with the hashtag #SavetheStocking.

The study of 1,500 adults aged 18-35 was carried out in partnership with Opinium research.

And why should kids get all the fun? Check out some of the cheap and quirky presents you can get on Wish here and join the ‘Save the Stocking’ revolution.

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