First impressions: The box is clean, smooth and really white. Definitely a positive start when we are dealing with a teeth whitening kit.

The gels even come in sleek white packaging

The gels even come in sleek white packaging

I’ve tried quite a few different at-home teeth whitening methods over the past year, mainly charcoal tooth pastes and brushes, but none of them have been so instructive and clinical-looking as this.

Of course, we all judge books by their covers, and if I were to judge this one, I would say I trust it.

But let’s find out if it’s any good…

So, the kit comes with an LED light, a mouth tray, and a few syringes with the whitening gel in. There are also two toothpastes – one for the day and one for the night.

It’s pretty straight forward. Brush your teeth, fix the mouth tray up to the LED, apply the gel to the tray and fix the tray in your mouth. Then wait ten minutes until the LED light switches off.

It’s day one and my first use, and I must say it was easier to use than I was expecting. It looks like there’s going to be a lot of leg work that needs doing to get it going, but it is surprisingly easy to manage.

Once it’s in your mouth it’s just a waiting game. The only thing I should say is that it left me nervous to swallow my saliva –so I just sat there for ten minutes mouth-watering and not quite knowing what to do with it. Other than that, all was good. It sat comfortably in my mouth and it was easy enough to relax.

Once the light switches off, it’s time to take out the mouth piece and rinse with warm water.

I’m sat here typing this now constantly smoothing my tongue over my teeth – they feel really fresh. I can’t say I’m seeing any difference just yet but that is expected after the first go.

2 weeks later…

After using the HiSmile kit every day for two weeks and brushing my teeth with both the day and night toothpaste, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the colour of my teeth. And apparently, so have some of my friends and family – 5 people have commented that my teeth look whiter.

My Mum was so impressed that she purchased a kit of her own after seeing the difference in my teeth.

Not only do my teeth look whiter, they really do feel cleaner too. When I forget to use the HiSmile toothpaste in addition to brushing with regular paste, my mouth feels less clean.

After trying many other methods of at-home teeth whitening, for me, HiSmile has been the most effective of them all.

If you want to have a go yourself, visit their website for more information on the products they have on offer:

To see some of the results from other HiSmile users, check out their Instagram page!

Instagram: @HiSmileteeth @HiSmileresults

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