Now that we are two thirds of the way through January (must we really endure another 11 days of this?) the post-Christmas sales are soon coming to an end.

It's time to stop adding to the Winter wardrobe and start focusing on your 2019 Summer style

It's time to stop adding to the Winter wardrobe and start focusing on your 2019 Summer style

A common myth surrounding sales around about now, is that the only reduced apparel left are damaged camis and the knits with pulls in (there probably are many examples of this on the high street).

But the end of January brings opportunities to shop savvy as the last of the clearance clothing is further reduced in price.

You may not need any more teddy bear coats, woolly scarves or mittens, but sale shopping at this time of the year is often when stores will cut the prices of last season’s summer collection – meaning if you have some spare cash and a borderline unhealthy habit of shopping, now is the time to get your summer bargains bought.

But what styles will the top models in the industry be sporting in June 2019? Not that this really matters – the beauty of shopping for Summer is that you can get away with wearing just one staple item of ‘now’ clothing – the rest of your outfit can be made up of all-rounders and timeless pieces.

If you have a retail itch that you desperately need to scratch but can no longer justify any further additions to your winter wardrobe, it’s time to look ahead to the Summer and bag some high street bargains for 2019.

Here are some things to be on the look-out for that you can purchase guilt-free.


Camis, vests, plain tees, any simple top for that matter, seem to make it into the January sales. And they’re always the last to go, meaning in some stores you can bag them for less than a fiver.

The mere thought of wearing these types of clothes right now might give you some strain of influenza - but stocking up on short-sleeves during January is the best time to get them at a price that makes you consider quitting your day job and becoming Martin Lewis’ PA.

Where to shop: Keep an eye on the sales in high street stores like Topshop and New Look as the sales come to an end – they become havens for summer wardrobe must-haves at this time of year.


Anyone who tries to claim that there is such thing as seasonal jewellery is just wrong… Unless, of course, you’re talking about bauble earrings. January is the best time of the year to treat yourself to a pair of new hoops, studs or a chain.

Where to shop: Browse the Freedom range at Topshop for unbelievably brilliant bargains.


Favourite way to add to the wardrobe? The introduction of new accessories. From stylish hats to clutches and handbags, there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding an outfit-enhancing accessory in the clearance.

Think ahead to summer when you’re browsing through what feels like a jumble sale brimming with berets and belts.

Where to shop: Topshop is the hotspot. Urban Outfitters is also a great hub for the trendy and timeless totes. Keep checking online stores like ASOS for other great deals.


Have you booked your summer holiday for 2019? Yes – then head to the sales for swimwear. No – then head to the sales for swimwear. We wouldn’t normally encourage such blasé buying, but swimwear can be quite expensive in the holiday season.

Some high street shops are selling swimwear for pounds – yes – pounds. Bikini tops, bottoms and swimsuits are everywhere right now as stores clear out the leftovers from last season.

Beware of the initial disappointment when you find a gorgeous bikini top with no bottoms to match (there is always a catch), but if you find some swimwear you fall in love with, be summer savvy and make it yours.

Where to shop: Topshop, again. New Look, again. Flick about online for some sweet deals – ASOS, Misguided, you know the score…


The beauty of skirts is they can be worn all year round, you just have pair them with weather appropriate pieces – or not, if you’re brave.

Mini, denim, floaty, midi, maxi, skorts, whatever type of skirt it is, there is a way of making it a look all year round.

So, keep your eyes peeled for skirts you fall in love with. If you’re planning ahead for summer, mini skirts are the perfect summer style and midi, floaty numbers are key for daytime, keeping cool, trendy outfits.

Where to shop: River Island, Urban Outfitters and Zara. Zara, Zara, Zara.


Nope, I don’t need any more shoes either. But having studied the high street sales every day for a good three weeks now, it has come to my attention that there are some seriously tempting options in the footwear department.

Although many are reduced boots which don’t often make it into the summer wardrobe collection (still worth a browse?) if you look in the right places, you’ll find sandals, pumps, trainers and heels which will all save for a sunny day.

Where to shop: Office.

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