The latest scientific research proves that connecting your meditation practice to a physical object strengthens your practice. Known as embodied cognition, this connection between your meditation and a tangible object serves as a daily reminder of your intention, reinforcing your practice. 

Silatha jewellery

Silatha jewellery

Having something you can see and touch during meditation creates a connection that serves as a visual cue. It is this reminder to meditate as well as the intention evoked by the crystal that will stay with you throughout your day. This is further enhanced by the energy you put in yourself, during meditation.

Also knowing what you're heading to, helps to give you direction and a clear purpose. This supports you to build a new habit. Intentions bring clarity and conscious effort to whatever it is you are doing. In meditation, it reinforces 'why' you are practising, creating a synchronised feedback loop between your body, mind and breath, helping all the different aspects of you (particularly your mind) to get on board with your practice.

When practised regularly, setting an intention at the beginning of your ritual creates a kind of “short cut” to bring you into your desired state of being. When incorporating your intention ritualistically into the start of your meditation, you are creating a short cut of focused attention and understanding (the 'why' you are doing this practice).

If you have a physical object like a crystal, it has its own power and purpose that you were called to. Utilising the qualities of the crystal and aligning it with your intention is a powerful way to harness the frequency of the quality that you are calling out from the depths of your being. Some of the qualities inherent in each stone, which you can align your intention to. Like Black Onyx to letting go and more emotional stability or Rose Quartz for compassion and unconditional love.

Born of the frustration that the founder of Silatha, Veroniek couldn’t make meditation a daily habit in her life, she begun to research and found the importance of a physical cue in solidifying a habit.

A Silatha Journey begins by selecting the intention you wish to strengthen from patience to inner peace, relaxation to transformation and courage to self-control. Your intention is supported by a daily 15-minute guided meditation via the Silatha app, which then corresponds to the gemstone within your jewellery and the intention you chose. 

To help you understand a little more about where you're at spiritually, emotionally and mentally, Silatha has a 20-question quiz to guide you toward the right gem for you. Even if you have chosen your gem, using the quiz periodically is a nice way to see where you are at, how you have shifted, and which intentions and qualities you would like to call out from within, during your meditations as you transform through your practice.

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