Today (November 13th, 2021) is World Kindness Day, a day in which we should all strive to be just that little bit nicer to our fellow humans, to think positive thoughts and spread them as wide as possible, and to decide on happiness. Here are seven ways you can be a little bit kinder today! 

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Picture Credit: Unsplash


It may seem unimportant, but a friendly smile can go a long way, especially when it comes from the purity of your heart. 

Making someone’s day by smiling at them as you walk past is a lovely gesture, or if you’re grabbing a coffee, it will make the barista’s day if you ask with a smile. 

Smiling is almost as infectious as a yawn, so doing this throughout the day can make the biggest difference to a variety of people; plus, you’re likely to get some lovely smiles in return! 

Pay attention 

Giving someone your full and focused attention can make more difference than you realise. If your significant other is trying to tell you something, for example, the kind thing to do is put your phone away and listen. 

Showing someone this small kindness can do the world of good, and shows the other person that you are present, and that you care. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

Avoid judgement 

It can be easy for us to pass judgement on others without even realising it. Learning to notice when we do these things can create great opportunities to stop and think before we speak our thoughts. 

Everyone has their own battles, so showing them the kindness of understanding, rather than a lecture or judgemental comment, can mean so much; we should all aim to treat everyone with this form of kindness. 

Use manners 

While this may sound a little childish, saying things such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can really turn someone’s day around. When at a restaurant or clothes store, using your manners can make an employee’s day, for example, as they sometimes have to put up with some not-so-nice customers. 

This small, or even miniscule act of kindness can once again spread happiness and remind everyone, yourself included, of all the wonderful things life can offer. 


Making someone else smile because of a compliment you gave them is a wonderful feeling! So, why not tell your friend her new hairstyle looks amazing, or even tell a stranger than you like their coat? 

Letting someone know, whether they are friend, family or stranger, that you like something about them is the perfect way to bring some joy and happiness into their day; it can make a small, yet very positive difference. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

Kindness through actions 

If you believe that actions speak louder than words, there are a whole host of small things you could do to make someone’s day; here are some ideas: 

  • Give your seat to someone on public transport 
  • Hold the door for someone 
  • Purchase a small gift for someone you love, or even make them something yourself; soaps, candles and small baskets of treats are a great idea! 
  • Let someone behind you go in front in the check-out line 
  • Offer to help someone out with something; perhaps a friend is moving house, or someone needs a dog-sitter 
  • Take someone you love out for dinner 

Be kind to yourself 

If you cannot be kind and show love towards yourself, how can you show the same things to anyone else? 

You are more likely to be kinder and more likely to help others if you are practicing the art of self-love. Make sure to set time aside for yourself, buy yourself some new wax melts and watch your favourite movie; doing the things you enjoy will make you much more likely to do wonderful things for others. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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