By Lucy Roberts 

Personal trainer to the stars, Jono Castano, is launching a fitness programme next week so that people from all over the world can experience his workouts and get fit.

Jono Castano

Jono Castano

Having most recently trained Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson and helped her in her journey of losing four stone, Castano now wants to bring his fitness expertise to anyone and everyone who wants it through his six-week Body Transformation programme which will be delivered via a live streaming platform.

Not only does the Colombian-born trainer want to help a variety of people from different fitness backgrounds with their exercise, but he also wants to connect with them personally like a traditional PT would by incorporating Q&A sessions in the programme.

Castano explained what people should expect from the workouts and spoke about how he got into the fitness industry in the first place.

Q) Have you always wanted to be a fitness trainer or was there ever any other career paths you wanted to take?

A) For most of my life, my dream was to be a professional footballer. But when I was travelling, chasing and living my dream, I didn't feel as fulfilled as I thought. I definitely knew I wanted to do something that would help people and fitness was a big part of my life, so I wanted to follow what I was passionate about.

Q) By being a trainer to the stars, do you feel like you've 'made it' because they regard you as good enough to train them or are you always striving to be better?

A) I feel that it is absolutely amazing that all my clients trust me with their fitness. I am actively conscious about being present in real time and that makes me grateful for where I am at and have come from, but I am always striving to do more and be better. I think it's important to give the right amount of attention to each mindset.

Q) How does it feel to know that you now have the ability to train people all over the world with the live streaming platform, LIVENow?

A) It feels incredible. I love that technology and platforms like LIVENow give me the ability to train people all over the world. Knowing that I'm helping more people and spreading what I am passionate about all over the world is definitely a "pinch me" moment.

Q) What can people expect from your six-week Body Transformation programme?

A) The six-week body transformation programme that I have created is a workout that everyone can do. I created it this way as I want everyone to be able to join in, from people who are just starting, coming back to exercise or are quite advanced. I believe community is everything. Getting things done with others is how we keep ourselves accountable and motivated.

Q) How important is it for you to have the ability to answer participants questions in the live Q&A sessions you've planned within the programme?

A) As I am a traditional one-on-one PT, I understand how important it is to give my clients guidance whilst working out and beyond. Being able to have the live Q&A sessions are great as I can offer this guidance to everyone doing the programme as well as check in and see how they are all going.

Q) What would your advice be to people who are thinking of joining the programme but might be apprehensive or worried about the intensity of the workouts?

A) I have created this programme so that whatever your fitness level, you can go at your own pace. This is your workout and I have ways in which you can make each exercise harder or easier depending on how you are feeling. The hardest step is the first one, but I will be there all the way to encourage and support!

Jono’s six-week Body Transformation programme starts on June 7th and can be accessed online via the LIVENow Fitness platform. Price £35.00

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