Julien’s Auctions, based in Beverly Hills California, bring bidders and fans yet another fantastic auction, selling a wonderful selection of memorabilia and more from the wonderful world of Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson Credit: David Parry/PA Archive/PA Images

Janet Jackson Credit: David Parry/PA Archive/PA Images

The auction, entitled Iconic Treasures from the legendary career and life of Janet Jackson, will be selling off some stunning pieces from Jackson’s 40-year plus career.

The event will take place on Jackson’s birthday weekend, starting on May 14th and ending on May 16th, the singer’s birthday.

About Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is quite easily one of the biggest-selling musical artists of all time; she has sold over 188 million records worldwide; a Grammy Award winner; producer; actress; Number One New York Times bestselling author, and much more.

Born on May 16th, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, as the 10th child of the world-renowned Jackson family, Janet became a star in her own right. She had a fantastic work-ethic and showed brilliant dedication in whatever she did.

In addition to portraying some wonderful characters on TV at a young age, Jackson also released her debut album, Janet Jackson, at just 16.

In 1993, she starred in her first movie role in Poetic Justice, and even won critical acclaim for her performance.

Jackson has no doubt had a highly-successful and fulfilling career and life, something Julien’s Auctions will preserve in their upcoming event.

What is being sold?

Many bidders are excited to get the chance to own some of the most stunning costumes worn by Jackson in music videos and television performances, as well as items she owns, such as jewellery.

Here are just some of the things available to purchase in this upcoming auction.

A Helen Storey designed floor-length metallic silver coat with lambskin shearling lining, cuffs and collars. This stunning piece has an estimated value of $6000 - $8000; it was worn by the singer in the Scream music video.

A Richard Tyler black coat with velvet lapels, worn by Jackson on her 1990 Rhythm Nation Tour; this outfit is estimated to fetch around $6000 - $8000.

One very interesting ensemble being sold is Jackson’s 17th century inspired outfit. It consists of a long-sleeve cropped ivory lace accented blouse, a suede vest with metal buttons and bone-like rod decorations, a suede cropped jacket with the same rod decorations, beige riding pants with knee guards, and thigh-high suede western boots with lace decoration and metal spurs. This amazing outfit is estimated to go for $4000 - $6000, and was worn by Jackson on her 1993 – 1995 Janet World Tour.

A stage costume, worn by Jackson on the show MTV Icon: Janet Jackson, in 2001. A dangling coin pendant push-up bra worn beneath a cropped white cut-out top, half of a white leather jacket with distressed silver pins, a pair of white Levi’s jeans and a pair of distressed white combat boots with a silver chain that ends in a crystal ‘J’ pendant. This outfit is estimated to sell for around $3000 - $5000.

Also being sold, is an ivory sleeveless Liza Bruce bodysuit worn with an ivory tiered Callaghan ruffle skirt with an attached sash belt, and a pair of low embroidered Sasha London heels, worn during her secret wedding to Rene Elizondo on March 31st, 1991. This stunning ensemble can expect to fetch $2000 - $3000.

Items as well as outfits are being auctioned off during this weekend event.

Jackson’s 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup, designed by Chuck Jordan as an upmarket version of GM’s tradition 3100 series. The impressive vehicle is anticipated to sell for $50000 - $70000.

A pair of Jackson’s earrings are also on offer; 18 karat white gold hoop Dorrit Moussaieff earrings, covered entirely with diamonds, presented to Jackson by Oprah Winfrey at her Legends Ball in 2005. This lovely set of earrings may go for between $6000 - $8000.

Other items being sold include furniture belonging to the iconic star, fine jewellery, stage props, road cases, personal clothing, household items and more!

The public exhibition for this auction will take place on May 10th to May 14th, and is free to the public. While the auction itself will take place over Jackson’s birthday weekend, covering May 14th, 15th, and 16th.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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