The Royal Family is an iconic and integral part of British culture, so it’s no wonder we all celebrate with them whenever they announce good news. From royal babies to royal weddings – we can’t get enough of the Windsor’s.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her bold fashion statements

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her bold fashion statements

So, as Kate Middleton turns 37 today, we wanted to celebrate some of the reasons we love her.

She’s an advocate for mental health

Kate, alongside Prince William and Prince Harry, set up the Heads Together campaign, aiming to raise awareness and get more people talking about mental health. The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken about how important it is to care for mental health just as much as physical health, referring to how she and her husband would not hesitate to seek help if her children needed mental health support.

Her hair is always perfect

The Duchess is known for always having perfect hair – even in poor weather conditions. She’s been pictured letting son, Prince George, play with it in public, and even in a windswept state, still manages to look fantastic.

She can pull off any colour

Her style choices are often compared to sister-in-law, Meghan Markle’s. But the two Duchesses have a very different taste in fashion. Whereas Meghan often opts for a classy, business-type look, Kate tends to wear more floral, brighter colours.

Not everyone can pull off bright yellows, greens and purples, but Kate has proved time and time again that no matter what the occasion, she can brighten up the room with her beautiful designer dresses.

She loves animals

Kate has always made efforts to befriend furry creatures on royal tours around the world. She’s been pictured cuddling with all kinds of animals, from puppies to koala bears.

She’s given birth to the nation’s favourite little ones

For years, whenever there has been a royal occasion, talk has always been centred around the older generation of royals, what they will be wearing and who the guests are.

But now, we just can’t get enough of the antics of the youngest members of the royal family. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are the ones we are all waiting to see. The cheeky tots are always entertaining to watch, and it’s all thanks to Kate and Will for producing such adorable little ones.

She reuses her clothes

The Duchess doesn’t wear an outfit once and then get rid. She takes no shame in wearing an outfit more than once – and rightly so at those prices! If our wardrobe had that many designer labels we would be rotating them every week!

She did her own make up on her wedding day

Kate stunned the world with her beauty on the day of her wedding to Prince William, and many people will have been shocked to find out she did her make up herself. Ever the relatable princess, Kate’s down-to-earth nature meant she preferred to remain grounded and apply her own mascara on her big day, rather than be fussed over by an artist.

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