Kitty Waters, serial entrepreneur, life-coach and founder and host of Kitty Talks has announced the highly-anticipated launch of her Do Your Dharma course, which contributes to fixing your Karma and creating a life you love.

‘Ultimately every human being wants to be happy and fulfilled. It’s what we strive for. But where do we start? We start with Dharma.

In ancient Vedic “Dharma is the path of right action”.“Right action is the action which is of maximum benefit to the individual and the entire creation at the same time.”

In other words, living your dharmic life is a blessing to the individual and to the world. When you are not aligned with dharma, you are more prone to unhappiness and suffering.

For each of us, discovering our own dharma is about discovering how to bring our mind, soul, body and emotions into harmony. When we follow what truly excites us, our Dharmic path is revealed and so is our higher purpose on earth.’ says Kitty.

Kitty’s Do Your Dharma course, that launched 10th Mach 2019, happens in 7 modules during 8 weeks in total. Each of them includes lesson content - both PDF and walk-through videos - helping students reach their maximum potential. At the end of each module, the students find exercises to take action on what they have learned and experienced. The mindful course will take around 25 hours to complete and is available for life to encourage students to work at their own pace, go back over a module and simply indulge in the discovery of own happiness.

‘Dharma’ which literally translates into “protection” is the practice of Buddha’s teachings concentrating on protecting the self from suffering, finding the path of right and helping others use their unique talents in service of the planet, thus increasing their happiness and bliss.

“We have each been blessed with a unique set of gifts and talents and when we use those in service to others, our passion and lives come alive. We are designed this way, and it is hard wired into us” shares Waters. “In fact, studies have proven that when we are altruistic we are happier, healthier and live longer.”

If you are interested in enrolling in the Do Your Dharma course, please follow link here or visit

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