Jack Fincham has teamed up with Peperami
Jack Fincham has teamed up with Peperami

Pen salesman and Love Island champion Jack Fincham is taking his exercise routines to the next level, teaming up with Peperami to help launch their new Peperami Beef Bar.

The tasty 20g bar is an ideal snack for the afternoon, and an essential gym bag addition for pre or post-workout fuel. Blending the classic pork and beef Peperami Original flavour, it's packed full of protein and is the perfect healthy swap from sugary snaps to help your hunger cravings.

To help you get that BEEF bod look, Jack Fincham's put together six of his top routines to get you looking your best. Check them out, as well as a video of Jack trying them for himself, below:

#1 Backwards Bull

Downward Dog is proper last year mate, true Meatheads do the Backwards Bull - a cheeky update on this classic yoga move.

#2 Beef Twists

Good things come to those who graft! The Beef Twists are a meaty workout that beef up your six pack (literally).

#3 Intense Mastication

We all need a break every now and then, so why not give your jaw a workout too and munch on a protein-packed Peperami Beef Bar.

#4 Bull Ups

Pull ups are basic, take them to another level in a beefy tracksuit. And, why not add a Peperami Beef Bar to the top to chomp on with each lift? Now, that’s what you call Bull Ups.

#5 Raising the Bar

Why would you lift a kettle bell, when you can Raise a Peperami Beef Bar and eat it afterwards.

#6 Bull Ball

An exercise that’s as hard to say as it is to do. Feel the burn as you ride the meaty Bull Ball, working up a proper appetite!

You can also head on over to Peperami's social media channels - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - for your chance to win one of the incredible, limited-edition Peperami tracksuits!

Peperami Beef Bar is available to buy in Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury with a RRP £2.25 for a multipack (3x20g). In convenience stores the single 20g bar is available for £1.39p.

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