Though Piers Morgan is very adept at dishing out insults and making sure his opinion is heard whenever he’s on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the Meghan Markle-obsessed sad excuse for a ‘journalist’ today (March 9th, 2021) stormed off the set when he was challenged by fellow presenter Alex Beresford, who said Morgan’s behaviour and treatment of Markle and Prince Harry had been “diabolical”.

Despite Morgan being quite comfortable in delivering his one-sided opinion on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, it seems he does not have the panache to debate the topic with one of his colleagues when called out on his rubbish.

Morgan took to his Twitter account to say that he walked off because he had been called “diabolical” by his colleague. What he failed to realise is that the comment about his behaviour had only been made after Morgan had made it halfway across the room to make his dramatic exit.

Part of Morgan’s behaviour on yesterday’s (March 8th, 2021) show included him saying he did not believe Markle when she said she had considered taking her own life, because of the pressures that her newfound married world had dredged up.

Putting aside how disgusting it is that a TV network and a morning show which say they stand by those who have mental health struggles would continue to employ somebody like Morgan, just think for a minute how draconian his stance is and how damaging it would be to those listening who have themselves had suicidal thoughts and not been believed, or felt they could open up about it to people in their own lives.

His language was dangerous and inflammatory and it was an absolute pleasure to join the legions of people on social media complaining to OFCOM for the very first time, hoping that action will finally be taken.

Elsewhere, Britain's first black female MP Diane Abbott, who has been sitting in Parliament for 34 years to-date, revealed she had signed a book deal, sharing her story in an official memoir.

The news was met with the usual backlash that Abbott faces from trolls on social media, who poked fun at her intelligence, clearly not realising that she was a first generation university graduate, having studied and gained her degree at Cambridge.

Thankfully, the majority of those on Twitter were excited to hear the news, with many saying they’ll be picking up the book and learning more about one of the most influential and prominent political figures of our generation.

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