School Daze with Max and Harvey, exclusive to Spotify
School Daze with Max and Harvey, exclusive to Spotify

After bringing our Podcast of the Week series back to life last Tuesday, we continue today by showcasing one of our brand new addictions: School Daze with Max and Harvey!

If you were one of those who watched The X Factor: Celebrity back in 2019, you may recognise the duo after they finished up in second place overall, leading to a focus on their music career and the release of their infectious new single in December 2020, Worry A Little Less.

Not just content in their bid to storm the music charts however, the hardworking TikTok legends also recently launched a new podcast, exclusive to Spotify.

School Daze with Max and Harvey takes listeners on a trip with the titular hosts back to the schoolyard, with the help of famous friends, loving family and excited fans.

Chatting about the opportunity, the pair said: "We couldn't believe it when Spotify asked us to create our own podcast. It's so awesome that we're going to be able to relive some of the best days of our lives and so many other people's, including our incredible guests! 

“We can't wait to hear from all of our listeners about their questions and dilemmas that they may be facing at school!”

Guests include Love Island star Eyal Booker along with another former contestant, turned vocalist and songwriter Wes Nelson. TikTok star Holly H and blogger Gem Turner also make appearances, delivering anecdotes from their days in the classroom.

What anybody is looking for in a podcast hosted by a duo is chemistry, and that’s something that Max and Harvey deliver with abundance. You can tell they’re best friends with true love for one another, as their humour and wit collides to create a podcast that is truly something special.

The way in which the pair also discuss sensitive issues - because let’s face it, school isn’t the dream it’s made out to be for a lot of people! - is inspiring. Wise beyond their years, they handle each conversation with sensitivity and respect.

It's crazy to see just how much Max and Harvey have achieved in their career so far. We’re sure that it’s just getting started and we cannot wait to see what comes next…

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