Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Life comes with many pressures, many of which we have all felt at some point in time, whether that being to do well at work or even get married. Often we find ourselves comparing our achievements to those around us, and basing the goals we are aiming to reach on the goals and milestones our peers are reaching.

According to a recent survey people in the UK compare themselves to their friends the most, with more than half of respondents (54%) ‘sometimes’ comparing themselves to their friends and 11% doing so ‘all the time’. However, when spilt into age categories, the millennials came out on top with 76% of 25-34s saying they compare themselves to friends either sometimes or all of the time.

Who are they comparing themselves to the most?

  • Friends – 76%
  • Family – 65%
  • Work colleagues – 65%
  • Partners – 57%
  • Celebrities & Influencers – 45%

When it comes to the pressures that millennials are facing, it seems as though they are much more concerned about their futures, feeling the most pressure to be successful at work (48%) and to be financially secure (47%). Whilst these things concern them directly, they also feeling pressured around the environment and what they should be doing in order to safeguard it.

With there being an abundance of environmental activists on the scene currently, it is no wonder that millennials are feeling pressured to take action on the environment and climate crisis. 41% said that they felt pressured to use less plastic, 38% feel they should be reducing their waste and a further 29% are feeling pressured to save electricity.

You can view more data from the survey here:

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