If the time has finally come for you to make the big move abroad, then you are probably looking for some tips on how to prepare yourself. Moving to another country is not an easy feat, although it might look like it considering the number of people that choose to relocate. Before moving, how can you prepare for the adventure ahead? Here are our top tips and tricks for making the move as manageable and stress-free as possible.

Move Abroad image pixabay

Move Abroad image pixabay

First things first, it would be ideal to be able to communicate with people in your new location semi-fluently, at least to understand the basics of daily interactions such as buying groceries or enquiring about where a popular restaurant is.

If, for example, you are moving to Paris, you could take up some one-on-one online classes for conversational French. Some services such as Preply provide a comprehensive breakdown of available tutors so that you can pick somebody that works to your learning style. In addition, you can conveniently filter your options based on the pricing of tutors, your overall availability, and the proficiency of your tutor.

This interactive form of learning is great for picking up the nuances of a new language as tutors can make sure your accent is on point, while also giving you personal examples and cultural tips based on their own experiences. It's certainly a starting point before embarking on your travels and may help you to feel more confident before arriving at your new home abroad.

Even a few keywords and sentences can be of great help in certain situations, however, it's evidently beneficial to get a grasp of as much of the language as you can to make your assimilation easier. Knowing the language is essentially a sign of respect for a new culture and even if you're far from perfect, native speakers will likely appreciate the gesture. Thankfully nowadays it is easier than ever before to access the tools and resources to learn a new language in a way that's convenient and flexible, so you can work your learning journey into your schedule around other commitments.

No matter how much you read about a certain country, the cultural shock is unavoidable. However, going there with at least a basic amount of information will spare you from many awkward situations. You might even get praise here and there from locals, which will make you feel more confident about the move.

Each country has its own traditions and customs, with some being respected vigorously. For example, in Japan, showing respect is very important when meeting up with a stranger or with someone older. This is why they use bowing as a form of respect. Japanese people have a higher sense of formality than they do in many other countries, which is something you should be accustomed to from an early stage.

Outdoor Dining image pixabay
Outdoor Dining image pixabay

Making friends is difficult in your own hometown, let alone in a new city, in a new country, with a new language. If you are moving there with your job or for an educational opportunity, then you will have plenty of options to socialise and make new friends. If you are not, however, it might become frustrating trying to meet people when you are already there.

This is why we suggest you get in touch with other ex-pats before you relocate. Look for an ex-pats Facebook group at your new location and start making conversation. Usually, they are super friendly and will even help you with suggestions and advice to make your stay more comfortable. Before you know it, you will have a new friend waiting for you to arrive.

Last but not least, get a taste of that country’s entertainment industries by watching some films and listening to music. This will give you some great cultural background and will help you to open conversations.

Hopefully, these tips will make the moving abroad process easier for you and you will not get homesick too soon.