As a rule, the world tends to have something of a hang-up when it comes to bossy people. They are seen as overpowering, domineering, and uncompromising. This is ironic because these are the very traits individuals need to succeed in the world of business. Although a degree of bossiness is often applauded in a man, as a female, being bossy is enough to make her a social pariah. For Nathalie Nicole Smith, such brazen double-standards are simply old-fashioned inequality by another name, and inequality is something she has been battling against her entire life.

Nathalie Nicole Smith

Nathalie Nicole Smith

“As far as I’m concerned, I was born to boss, in the sense that I was always going to be master and commander of my own destiny,” explained the entrepreneur and founder of Plush Beauty. Nathalie added, “My father always told me I was a human being before I was a female and that I was equal to any man. He didn’t make any special allowances for me, and it was his way of preparing me for a world he knew was stacked in the favor of men.”

The lessons Nathalie learned at her father’s knee proved invaluable. After graduating from Washington DC’s Howard University with a bachelor's in communications and business, Nathalie went on to become a driving force in the beauty and wellness industry, a highly-acclaimed youth mentor, a bestselling author, and the founder of Women Who Boss.

Nathalie explained, “I regard Women Who Boss as my true passion and calling in life. It entails me imparting the lessons that I was taught as a youngster to women worldwide. I want females everywhere to know that they don’t have to be shy and retiring or put in a box; they can be bold, beautiful, and bossy. They can get out there and compete on their terms and earn success their way without jumping through the hoops others expect of them. Those days are over. I believe once a woman finds her voice and the courage to be herself, the sense of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being she’ll discover are endless.”

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