Streaming a television show in HD might well shave a bit off your carbon emission output. Scientists at the UK Royal Society have stated that this is going to make a huge difference overall. When you look at 4K video streaming, or UHD, you will see that a mobile device generates around 8 times more emissions when compared. On the small screen, the viewer might well not notice this as a difference. Platforms should think about lowering the resolution and instead default to SD. A lot of authors are suggesting that this be the case so that even more of a difference can be made overall. According to Tej Kohli, tech has come so far in recent years and so many start-ups are now harnessing tech to try and make a difference to their company. This is great, but at the end of the day, businesses need to default to SD if they want to make a difference to climate change overall.

credit Pexels Andrea Piacquadio
credit Pexels Andrea Piacquadio

Keep your Phone Longer

The report has suggested that using a device for longer before you trade it in may also help climate change. The main reason for this is because the emissions that are created when a new device is created is very significant. Studies have also shown that if you happen to change your mobile every two years or so, then the manufacturing process will also be reduced. If you keep your phone for four years, then the contribution will be way lower and this can make a huge difference overall. The report has also stated that buying a device second-hand or even opting to share equipment will make a huge difference. It will also reduce the amount of embodied emissions. Moving computing software from your home to the cloud can help. The main reason for this is because the cloud can give you the chance to predict more efficient patterns of your server use. In other words, they will not consume energy if they are idle.

Tech Firms need to Play their Part

Tech firms have to play a part. They need to try and provide transparent information about the energy they are consuming and they also need to make sure that their digital products and even services are in line with what people want. There are so many routes to net zero emissions but at the end of the day, tech has such a central role to play. People need to stay alert to the digital demand and the carbon emissions also need to reduce a lot at this point.

All in all, people need to try and do their bit to ensure that more support is given to those who need it. If this level of support is not offered then nobody is going to achieve their carbon goal and this would hinder every single industry out there. Only time will tell what is going to happen next, but at the end of the day, there are high hopes for the future.