When it comes to what Brits should be spreading on their bread, who’s better placed to advise than the masters of bread themselves, professional bakers?

KP Nut Butter Taste Test

KP Nut Butter Taste Test

With peanut butter officially taking over from jam as the number one spread in the UK,[1] KP Nuts has worked with a panel of expert bakers and bread makers to put new KP Peanut Butter to the test, testing it against other named and own brand peanut butters that are on the market.

Pitting KP’s crunchy and smooth varieties against the brands the bakers would usually buy, 8 out of 10 of them agreed that it was the ‘best thing on sliced bread’ with well over half stating that the next time they’re in the supermarket, they would prefer to pick up a jar of KP Peanut Butter over their usual. Crucially, the taste, texture and nuttiness all received a resounding score of nine out of 10!

And, when it comes to what the bakers found most important when picking their peanut butter, it was clear it’s not just what it tastes like. When asked to rank what factors into their PB purchases, the environmental benefits of a product with no palm oil, like KP Nuts, came top of the list:

1 = No Palm Oil

1 = No E numbers

3 – No added sugar

4 – 95% peanuts

5 – No need to mix or stir

6 – Low Salt

7 – Being vegan

It’s not just the bakers who were enamoured with KP’s Peanut Butter – a nation-wide panel of peanut butter afficionados from different walks of life, including personal trainers, NHS key workers, teenagers, and eco warriors also put it to the test, with over 60% saying they would buy KP’s PB instead of their usual brand, and giving it 9 out of 10 on the nuttiness scale!

What’s more, new KP Peanut Butter was given eight out of 10 for it eco-friendliness thanks to its 100% recyclable jar and lid, and of course the fact it is the first stabilised no palm oil peanut butter on the market, so you won’t have to deal with any oily deposits at the top of your jar!

With nearly 70 years of passion and experience for all things nuts, it’s no surprise that the nation’s number one peanut brand had created a peanut butter that packs a nutty punch that’s full of both flavour and goodness.

Available in both crunchy and smooth, KP Peanut Butter (RRP: £3.00) is packed full of rich, nutty flavour and its guilt free with 35% less salt than other peanut butters on the market*, and no added sugar or artificial flavours.

“Here at KP Nuts we’ve been the powerhouse of peanuts for nearly 70 years so it just made sense to launch peanut butter, giving customers a chance to enjoy our delicious nuts in a different way,” says Kevin McNair, Marketing Director at KP Snacks.

“Getting the thumbs up for our new peanut butter from the baking community is a huge compliment – they know what works best on bread and in baking so it’s a real testament to the new KP Peanut Butter that it has performed so well. We’re delighted to be able to say with confidence that it really is the best thing on sliced bread!”

Rav Bansal, former Great British Bake Off contestant, said: “I’m a huge peanut butter fan so it was great to get the chance to test out KP’s new product. As the peanut experts I was expecting great things from them and the new peanut butter really delivered!”

You can now pick up a 340g jar from Tesco and Asda.

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