To kick off our latest weekly segment, we have objectively the nicest guy in rock. The Foo Fighters frontman is constantly hitting headlines with his random acts of kindness, his lovely sense of humour and genuine, enthusiastic love for his fans. Here are a few of Dave Grohl's finest moments.

Dave Grohl performs with Foo Fighters at Hurricane Festival 2019 / Photo Credit: Rudi Keuntje/Geisler-Fotopress/DPA/PA Images

Dave Grohl performs with Foo Fighters at Hurricane Festival 2019 / Photo Credit: Rudi Keuntje/Geisler-Fotopress/DPA/PA Images

1. He feeds the needy

A mere two days ahead of Christmas Day, Dave Grohl could be spotted feeding the poor at the Los Angeles Food Bank with his Backbeat BBQ team. If that's not a truly wholesome image we don't know what is! Similarly, he visited the team at Los Angeles County Fire Station 68 following their work in battling the Californian wildfires last year, and treated them to a Backbeat BBQ banquet as a thank you for their heroic efforts.

2. He makes fans dreams come true

He's not the only rockstar to get fans up on stage with him, but there's an extra level of compassion when Dave does it. He sang to a teary fan at a Colorado gig in 2015, brought a blind kid on stage at a show in Saint Paul, Minnesota last year, and once gave a talented 10-year-old boy his own guitar after playing Metallica's Enter Sandman with him. He also played a set of eight shows in a few lucky fans' garages back in 2011.

3. He gave his shoe to a girl on crutches

It sounds like the most random thing in the world, and it probably is, but as Dave met some fans backstage at a Washington concert in 2017, he came across a teenage girl on crutches. His orthopedic doctor told her that she should be wearing a shoe over the brace, so Dave nipped into his dressing room and presented her with a shoe he'd used when his own leg was broken. I'll be she still wears it to this day.

4. He puts on spur of the moment gigs

In 2011, a devastating earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand killing 185 people and leaving several thousand injured. Foo Fighters were scheduled to perform in the country soon afterwards and decided to stop by the city to play a surprise concert to raise money to rebuild the town. Dave Grohl has always done everything he can for his fans, and surprise shows are far from unusual for him.

5. He tips generously

In an act that was far from diabolical, Dave Grohl amused himself by doubling up a $333 bar tab at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood so that it read $666 instead. That receipt should be the national emblem for the nicest guy in rock and roll.

6. He'll go where he's needed

If Dave can do something to avoid disappointing fans, he'll do it - and not just his own fans either. In 2011, indie band Cage The Elephant faced cancelling their Salt Lake City concert after drummer Jared Champion was rushed to hospital with a ruptured appendix. To the band's great surprise (and utter delight), Dave Grohl offered to take his place. It's likely still one of the most memorable moments in their career.

7. He sang to his doctor

If it wasn't enough that Dave's work ethic was such that he performed an entire tour with a broken leg, he paid a very public tribute to the doctor who fixed it. At Lollapalooze Stockholm last weekend (June 20th), Dave brought Dr. Johan Sampson up on stage after spotting him in the crowd during a performance of My Hero.

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