As cold and flu season hits, Night Nurse has just the solution to give friends, partners and colleagues a pick me up when they are struck down. Whether you want to congratulate a colleague for taking the day off work and not infecting everyone in the office, apologise to a partner for passing on your sniffles or simply send get well wishes, Night Nurse has got a card for you.

Night Nurse Limited Edition Cards

Night Nurse Limited Edition Cards

A recent survey from the brand found that almost a fifth (18 per cent) refuse to hug or kiss their partner if they have a bug and only 37 percent have apologised to the person they gave the cold or flu to. While the research reveals the lengths Brits go to to avoid catching a bug, and just how bad we feel when we do end up with a cold or the flu, the new limited edition range of cards from Night Nurse is the perfect way to send get well wishes… while keeping your loved ones at arm’s length!

The research also found that one in twenty Brits admit they have fallen out with someone who gave them a bug, and one in ten people saying they’ve argued with their partner for giving them a cold, the cards can help to mend bridges and add that ‘feel good’ factor when people are feeling their worst.

The range is available on, created by independent designers Lucy Maggie and Sarah Ray. The cards are free of charge for 2,400 customers, with these including a money-off voucher for Day and Night Nurse products.

Tugce Uslu, Senior Brand Manager at Night Nurse comments: "As a nation, Brits are hung up on doing the right thing, and most of us hate the fact that we could have inconvenienced someone in any way. Now there is hardly any excuse not to send sympathy the traditional way and offer our sincere apologies if we have passed on a bug to those closest around us. Sending a card with a nice message is not only a good way to communicate your genuine regret but will brighten the patient’s day when they receive it -and sending the card via the online service will mean any residual germs aren’t signed, sealed and delivered!”

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