In the past, gambling has often been seen as a masculine activity, symbolised by characters like James Bond playing roulette with a glamorous woman on his arm. And there was some truth in that. As recently as 2015 a survey that only 14% of gamblers were women.

Are you an online gambler?

Are you an online gambler?

However, those stereotypes are changing. The most recent figures suggest that 41% of women have gambled in the past four weeks (at the time of the study). A huge new market is opening up, and as a result, many UK online casino now offer games that are specifically made and targeted at a female demographic.

Let’s take a closer look of what types of games you’ll find in a modern online casino.

Get your poker face on

Poker has become one of the fastest growing games among women, with stars like Victoria Coren Mitchell popularising the game (and making millions of dollars in the process). If you fancy your chances at the table, there are plenty of places for women to play poker online.

Many sites now offer an efficient, accessible place to join live poker matches, usually without the scantily-clad women that used to plague such sites. Now, these sites know that they need to appeal to women and men alike, and they've grown up as a result.

Find online casino slots you love

If you're a keen online slots player, you'll know that they haven't always been the most progressive games when it comes to gender, either. But a new wave of online slots is catering to women, and doing away with immature symbols designed to appeal to guys. We’re seeing fewer slots relying on sexy female warriors or bikini babes.

From the 80s themed action of NetEnt's Hotline, to the movie-themed fun of Jumanji (also from NetEnt), 2018 has seen some great slots that women and men can get into. If you’re new to the world of slots and want to try these games, you can play for free at Dreamz, an online casino who is open the gates for UK players this fall.

Bingo is making a splash

Slots and poker aren't the only options tailored to women at online casinos. Some also offer Bingo, and the classic English game translates really well onto mobile or computer screens.

Instead of heading down to your local Mecca, you can log on for a few rounds of Bingo on your commute home, and discover new forms of the game that you didn't even know existed. For instance, have you ever tested your wits against Speed Bingo? If not, online casinos offer a great way to give it a try.

Online gambling is becoming more mature all the time

The key thing to take away is that online gambling isn't stuck in the past. If they want to have a good time at an online casino women will find no shortage of options - and they won't be swamped with pictures of "babes".

What's more, there's none of the testosterone filled atmosphere you can get at some real life casinos. So log on and give online gaming a try. These days, you'll feel welcome straight away.