The loud screeches and bangs are enough to make anyone jump if they don’t know it’s coming, so for our cats and dogs this can be even scarier.

Bonfire Night on Female First

Bonfire Night on Female First

Many people wonder how they can help their beloved furry friends on the 5th November. Last night, Bill Turnbull presented a radio programme on Classic FM, playing soothing songs for pets to listen to - in an attempt to reduce the anxiety of the loud bangs on bonfire weekend.

Here are a few tips for comforting your pet when the fireworks are in full force.

Make sure your pet is microchipped

If you own a cat or a dog, it’s a good idea to have them microchipped. This means that if they panic and run away, they can be more easily reunited than if they are not. This applies for all year round, too.

Make a safe space for your pet

Dressing a crate up with pillows, blankets and soft toys is a great way to keep your pet calm. Leaving a few treats in there will cheers them up as well.

Turn up the volume

If you’re watching the radio or the tv, turning up the volume to mask over the sounds of the fireworks is helpful in reducing the anxiety in your pet.

If you think your pet might be severely suffering with anxiety, you should take them to a vet or behaviour specialist.

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