With Halloween right around the corner, we've been listening to some spooky podcasts to try and get ourselves in the frame of mind that October 31st demands! That's why today, we're celebrating a brand new series from Crime Junkie host Ashley Flowers, called Full Body Chills.

If you're a fan of those scary stories you and your friends used to tell one another at sleepovers and around campfires, then you're in for a treat. You may have thought they were a thing of the past, but these fictional tales will take you right back to those younger years, and send a shiver right down your spine.

Episodes range in length, with one recent coming in at just 12 minutes, whilst another runs to 25 minutes total. They're bite-sized, but that makes them easily consumable; you can enjoy whilst on the commute to work, or simply when sat at home or, if you're like me, before going to sleep!

Maybe don't listen on public transport if you're prone to bursting into tears or shaking when listening to a spooky story, though!

Listening with headphones is a MUST! You want to be transported to the worlds the narrators telling the stories are describing, and the experience you have when using headphones or a headset is much more exciting than simply listening through your phone or laptop's speakers.

Don't be surprised if Full Body Chills quickly finds the attention of screenwriters, who want to take the series onto the small screen. Horror is more popular than ever before, and with an ever-widening gap in the market for new television shows, and a whole host of different platforms where they can thrive, this series is just begging to be picked up by a TV big wig.

For now though, listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and pretty much everywhere else you get your pods!

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