We can’t get enough of podcasts here at Female First. That’s why every week, we're showcasing one of our favourites so you can go and listen, and enjoy them too!

The great thing about podcasts is how simple they are to consume – you could be driving, cooking, working out – they require no visual engagement. All you need is a handy device to listen on, and you can go about your daily life listening to whatever you like.

From crime to comedy, history to health, there’s something for everyone in the wonderful world of audio programmes.

This week...

Over the past few days, we've been listening to a podcast called Shame On You. Hosted by best friends Jordan and Brad, from Toronto, Canada, the pod shines a light on how the pair were taught to feel shame because they were gay. It's a serious topic, but one the two manage to bring humour to throughout each episode, unafraid to get down and dirty, with crude jokes scattered across their highly-relatable stories.

What makes this pod stand out from others however, is the guestlist. Jordan and Brad invite fellow gay men, as well as others plagued by shame, and even their ex-boyfriends onto the show, to discuss their 'journey to giving zero f*cks'.

From catfishes, to Hollywood liasons, and 'Daddy Issues', each episode is a brilliant insight into the lives of two men who have decided to make their private lives extremely public.

Where to listen and follow

As is usually the case, you can listen to all episodes of Shame On You for free on Apple Podcasts, or Spotify! You can also listen to episodes directly from Stitcher.

As for social media, you can follow the pod on Twitter @shameonyoupod, or on Instagram @shameonyoupod. Host Jordan is also on Instagram, over at @itchyprostate!

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