Professor Green has designed some limited-edition bouquets
Professor Green has designed some limited-edition bouquets

When we think of picking up a bouquet of flowers for somebody, nine times out of 10, the recipient is a female. Exactly why that is, is quite the mystery. As a society, we have allowed blooms to be hit with the feminine stereotype, but why should that be the case?

We all know how powerful flowers can be when it comes to making a positive shift in our moods, showing those who are important in our lives that we care. That's why adults would like to see flowers for men widely presented for occasions and 'just because’.

With that in mind, have teamed up with British rapper and CALM ambassador Professor Green, along with Urban Flower Company, to create a new range of limited-edition bouquets designed specifically for men, to gift to other men.

Shifting away from flowers that are traditionally masculine, the bouquet symbolises mental health and wellbeing with the peonies radiating the message of good fortune and compassion. The Delphinium represent protection – a reminder to look after those around us during these tough times whilst the bouquet’s striking palette is there to engage the senses and instantly give moods a lift.

At a time when supporting one another is crucial, the soft and delicate Lunaria included signify honesty, symbolic here in being able to open up to each other and talk, and the Dahlia stand for inner strength, both adding a delightful touch of tenderness.

The unique floral bouquets will raise money for charity CALM
The unique floral bouquets will raise money for charity CALM

The first 20 bouquets ordered will be given away for the free if the recipient is male; simply use the code CALMFLOWERS21 to see if you've been quick enough. 

Those who do pay, will see all proceeds donated to mental health charity CALM, leading the movement against suicide.

Note that the free bouquets must be ordered for a male recipient within the London area. Free bouquets are available on a first come first serve basis, only valid while stocks last until July 20th, 2021.

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