With the continued growth of the gambling industry both online and in brick and mortar shops, it appears that punters across the globe simply can’t get enough.

Yet there is one large section of society that has never been strongly associated with the ups and downs of gambling. This group is women, who for many years were shunned from the gambling industry by prejudiced men who saw women’s’ only use in the industry as being for show.

Not so these days, with some of the world’s most prestigious gambling business positions being held by women. In fact, the female presence in the world of online gambling seems to be growing day on day! For women or men seeking reviews for some of the best new casinos around, head to Newcasinosites.me.uk.

In this article, we will take a look at some prominent women in the casino industry, taking a close look at just what it is about these fabulous females that make them so great.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first entry on our list of prominent women in the casino industry.

Denise Coates

The founder and CEO of bet365, Denise Coates is the highest-paid boss in Britain today, earning a whopping £323 in 2019. Although this raised eyebrows in some quarters due to the fact that Coates essentially pays her own salary, what can’t be denied is the ingenuity of this online gambling pioneer. After starting the company in a portacabin with her brother John, Coates went on to establish bet365 as an industry leader in sports betting as well as online casino games, bingo and more. Nowadays, the company rakes in billions every year in sports bets alone as the go-to bookmaker for many punters across the UK and beyond.

Vanessa Selbst

The world’s finest female poker player, Vanessa Selbst almost single-handedly blazed a trail for women in the professional poker industry. Having amassed tens of millions of dollars in earnings down the years, the Brooklynite is still only thirty-five. The first woman ever to gain the top spot in the Global Poker Index, Selbst is now retired from the pursuit and spends her time in hedge fund trading, which many would see as a kind of gamble in itself!

Pansy Ho

As the daughter of legendary Chinese gambling tycoon Roger Ho, Pansy Ho would have been forgiven if she had chosen an easy life of privilege surrounded by wealth and power. Yet this behemoth of world gambling went ahead and did the very opposite, amassing a net worth of over $5 billion and becoming co-chair of the legendary MGM Macau casino. In fact, Ho shot to fame when she partnered with US gambling giant MGM Mirage to open the casino back in 2008, with many shocked that it was not her father taking the reins. Since then Pansy has gone from strength to strength, being named Hong Kong’s richest woman in 2018.

Overall, the current position of women in the gambling industry has never been stronger. With role models such as Denise Coates, Vanessa Selbst and Pansy Ho, there is no telling the reaches of female influence on what was once such a male-dominated industry.