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Having brought fans of Queen across the world together in the debut season of QueenPod: The Queen Podcast, the show will be making its return for a second season on February 17th, 2021.

Hosted by comedians and Queen superfans John Robins, Sooz Kempner and Rohan Acharya, along with Queen archivist and documentarian Simon Lupton, the series will once again offer up more insights into the world's greatest rock band, all leading up to Queen's 50th anniversary celebrations.

John Robins giving us his best Freddie Mercury
John Robins giving us his best Freddie Mercury

Season 2 kicks off with the hosts and guests delving into A Night At The Opera, considered to be Queen's seminal album and of course playing host to arguably the most iconic Queen song of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Further classics such as We Will Rock You, Somebody To Love, We Are The Champions and You're My Best Friend will also be explored over the course of the series, whilst listeners will be asked for their help in ranking Queen's music videos, with the top 10 being revealed in Episode 3.

With backstage shenanigans and legendary stories the topic of choice, those who thought they knew Queen may learn something new when the show makes its return.

For the first time ever, the band's management have even given permission for their music rights to be used as part of the project, meaning listeners will hear official clips and teasers of some of their most beloved tracks during the series.

Whether or not the half-century celebrations will be marked by the band themselves remains to be seen. Brian May had previously commented that he and Roger Taylor were simply celebrating “being alive”, making further comment that would suggest any official plans were being shelved. Still, there’s been a few months between those remarks and this year, and with Queen fans stuck indoors, perhaps the pair will come up with something to mark the special occasion.

QueenPod: The Queen Podcast is created by UK-based production company Seven Seas Films, and is available to download on all major platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast via Acast.

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