Thinking of a way to give a Secret Santa gift this year that doesn’t involve seeing anyone? Well, I have some good news for you.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

With the country under different restrictions, most Christmas parties will not be going ahead this year. To some people the disappointment of not doing Secret Santa is real. 

So how about becoming Santa yourself and delivering the gifts to their door?

That way you still have the festiveness of Christmas surrounding your work, family and friends but with just a little twist.

It’s always a good idea to get a creative, funny, personalised gift for whether it’s your boss, friend, co-worker or dad. It shows that you appreciate them (even if you may not know them as well).

I have the ultimate Secret Santa gift ideas that are easy to deliver and can be made tailored to make them feel special.

Box of chocolates or chocolate hamper -

Chocolate is the ideal gift to give because who doesn't love it? Sitting at home all day working can be difficult for people, the not leaving the house and being stuck in a room can really get people down. If you gift chocolate, they can sit at their desk or relax in front of the TV and munch away on the chocolate you got them.

Gin gift set –

Gin is the most perfect gift to give anyone as there are so many flavours to choose from and plus, who doesn’t love gin? This gift is useful for someone who is working from home as after a long stressful day they get to find the tallest glass in their kitchen and pour themselves a well deserved drink. It is also a useful gift for just about anyone who needs a drink after this year.

Mugs based on the things they love –

This gift is perfect for someone who is sat at their desk all day doing work and basing on something they love shows you appreciate them as well. Even if you buy them a mug from their favourite coffee shop. Get creative and put their initials on it, their favourite TV show or movie, or a picture of the both of you together. Think of how useful it will be for them when they are working at home or when they sit down at the end of the night.

Bath Bombs –

Now, bath bombs aren’t just for girls. I know a few men who love a good bath bomb to take that relaxation up a notch. The best kind of bath bomb is the most colourful and scented one you can find. Gifting them to your co-worker, friend or family is a way of telling them to relax and look after themselves more. Whether they sit in a stiff desk chair or are rushed off their feet all day, they will appreciate it.

An all-in-one planner –

Gifting a planner sounds boring right? Well, for someone who loves writing or leads a busy life, this is the ideal present. You can personalise it, cover it in photos, get their name or initials put on the front or even their favourite colour/pattern. Whether they are working at home and need to remember when things are, require a planner for next year, or they are forgetful- they need something to write everything down. They will defiantly appreciate it.

Board games –

Board games are a fun way to spend time with your family or housemates. There are pocket-sized games, children's games and adult games. This would be the perfect gift to give someone who has had enough of working and wants to spend quality time with the people they love. You can even get personalised board games if you fancy going that extra mile.

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